Interrailing Italy: Bologna to Florence

It’s been over a month since the last post on one of the most amazing trips I have ever had. Sorry for the delay. But I am a bit of a mind wanderer thinking of topics to post about then not being able to find the time to note down the million and one other things I want to tell you about. That reminds me, I may give you a bit more of a run down on my Eurotrip up to Sweden and back! I experienced lots of lovely places that may just fuel others Wanderlust. Continue reading




So excited for a weekend of chilling and catching up with friends and family!
This is the first weekend in months that I can have a bit of a lay in on both Saturday and Sunday – So I’m feeling like these dudes above!

Although I intend to make the most of my lay ins, I am still going to make it a productive one; with a 7k run and a lunch date with the girls planned for Saturday. May also do a spot of baking. I can’t seem to stop with the baking, as soon as one creation has been completely consumed I have an undeniable urge to bake once more – Okay, I admit it I’m a feeder, so sue me, I am going to make a great grandma one day with my house full of cakes and biscuits (say that in the Fox’s biscuits voice, please & thank you).

Sunday is equally exciting. My brother and I have never had family that live in the UK other than our Parents, so we are terribly excited to have a Sunday Funday with our Cousins that have recently moved here!

Enjoy your weekends and the lovely weather!