Simply Sark

If you are looking for a holiday, an hour away from London, graced by the weather England only dreams of and a thousand miles away from the shackles of technology look no further than Sark.

I have been lucky enough to visit this lovely little island twice. My latest visit was last year with the boyfriend.

Now if this is somewhere away from the realms of technology, “what is there to do?” I hear you say as you type a tweet whilst liking everything on instagram and loling at Facebook posts.

Well firstly, I fibbed a little it’s quite well supplied with WiFi and mobile signal. But there are no cars on the island, just a few tractors – one is the islands ambulance!

We stayed at the ever gorgeous Stocks hotel, the only independently owned hotel on the island (and the best in my view), read more here.


From Stocks there are stunning walks through mystical woods down to secluded beaches. A fantastic investment before you go is … A book with plenty of routes and scrambles around the island.

If you prefer a personal touch why not hop on George’s Boat at Creux harbour, he’ll give you a tour round the island letting you in on island life and all the best bits to see and do in Sark! He’s a fountain of knowledge – who never seems to age as I had nearly 10 years between my visits but still looks exactly the same.

I told you the island was mist-ical

George’s Boat trips cannot come highly reccomended enough! If you’ve been to Sark before, or a new comer you get all the local news; ideas of what to do; panoramic views; it’s great for seeing all the wildlife Sark has and on a sunny day you get a good tan too (don’t forget suncream!).

Sark is a relatively small island so easy enough to walk to from one end to the other in a day, but if you fancy traveling a little quicker there are plenty of places to hire bikes on Sark, I recommend the bike shop A to B cycles. The location alone is exciting down mermaid lane – now if I could be anything it’s a toss up between a mermaid or a pirate, so have a stop by the Mermaid tavern on your return for me, please.

Our first stop on the bikes was la Seigneurie gardens. The air was heavy with rose petals and fog, whilst the gardens were in full bloom.

Complete with a dovecot, such luxuries were reserved for La Seigneure alone.

You can wind your way out of the gardens and along the cliffs to the window in the rock – a man-made marvel to spy at passing ships and take in the sea air. You may even be able to spot George out in his boat!


As the lazy mist started to lift and we weaved our way out of the gardens, we continued our journey to little Sark – myself taking extra care over the ever so tiny strip of land connecting little Sark to big Sark. Finally arriving at La Sablonnarie , which serves the best afternoon tea on the island. Due to Stocks breakfasts being so hearty and the warmth when we arrived, we only had room for a scone each and a little tea.

Then back on ya bike down the winding lane to the east coast of little Sark to find the ever elusive Venus pool.
Venus pool is a natural pool in the rock, reachable only at low tide.
We got to the cliffs edge and scrambled down on our search, waving at George’s Boat on our way down and round the corner to see our site for the next few ours of bathing in both Sun and water.

You can locate this when out at sea by a rock that looks like a butterfly.
The water was icely refreshing whilst the sun kept you warm enough to want more. So we wallowed in the shallows and jumped from the heights till our hearts were content and our stomachs were hungry. Clambering up the cliffs and back to fill our bellies at Stocks!


Another recommendation from George was Epiquerie landing and la fontaine bay, this man made rock pool was crafted by none other than George’s father so the children could paddle in the shallows, whilst stalking fish and other underwater creatures through the seaweed.

One thing we didn’t get to do, but certainly will have to go back for is the coasteering! I’d love to explore through the caves and other out of reach places from land – plus may boost the CV for any future pirate/mermaid related revealry.

Stocks of Sark

Sark is one of my favourite and most relaxing holiday destinations that I have ever been to.

The Sark Shipping Company’s  is one of the only means of transport in and out of Sark. The advantage of a petite bateau is the stunning sea views you can drink in with not a head or a camera to obstruct it. We plonked ourselves down on the outer deck, with the the sea lapping against the boat and spraying our faces to gain a true sailors perspective.


Finally, we arrived. The last time I came here we caught the tractor and trailer up to the top of the hill. But P had other plans, so there begun our hike, to be honest I was grateful to stretch my legs and see the winding pathways up to ivy-clad cottages. Then once we reached the brim of the hill, there was only a short walk (this time down hill) to our lovely hotel, Stocks. Now if you are thinking silly sausages carrying their bags up a steep rickety path, think again my friend, as Stocks has one up on you there, simply attach the luggage tag Stocks send you and your luggage is sent directly from your boat to Sark up to the hotel foyer – by horse and cart, no less.


Stocks in this is the only hotel on the island that is family owned and run. And if you ask any of the locals it would be the only place you could possibly stay! Each room is individually decorated and named after a place on the island.

After dropping our bags in the room, having a good ol’ fashioned snoop and spruce up, we rushed down stairs to enjoy an Aperitif in the Smugglers bar, a cosy bar with an amazing array of cocktails, stacked with homemade herb and fruit wines and more whiskies than you can shake a stick at!

After being suitably tippled you are led through to the restaurant, the menu changes everyday to keep up with the best the harbour can offer. A complimentary Hors d’oeuvre was offered whilst we waited for our starters (this again changed every day) always colourful and well presented and gone in one swift mouthful!

Breakfast is equally anticipated, before going P’s sister told me to go for the porridge, now normally porridge doesn’t normally ring excitment, but somehow it is deliciously comforting, like a bowl of hot childhood memories scooping you up and out of your sleepy haze. The Farmhouse breakfast is all it promises and more, I don’t think a cooked breakfast is complete without hash browns, so if you ask really nicely for a trade of the mushroom and the ever friendly staff may just slide one on for you.

Now if like us, you jam pack your holidays fill of walking, swimming and experiencing as many things as possible, you may need to just sit and relax one afternoon. After our trip around little Sark, we thought it was high time to snuggle into thick white robes and pad down to the Jacuzzi and pool before dinner.

Relaxing as the sun went down and the hotel came to life again from its dreamy haze for dinner service and it all begins again!