London: Yoga in the city

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending Lululemons summer sunset yoga class at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park. It was an outdoor session limited to 300 people, with the lovely Celest Pereira. And do you want to know the best part? It was absolutely free, as a part of the Lululemon’s complimentary classes that they run weekly, with the occasional event such as this and the previous one held at the Royal Opera house. 

This fully got me back into practice of yoga after my jaunt off to Sydney. We got our yoga on, with a harpist playing calming melodies and a Mexican wave effect of ‘All you need is love’ sweeping the class as it came to a close in Savasana. After de-stressing we were kindly gifted the yoga mats that we sat on and made our way through lollipop trees (yes, you read correctly – trees with lollipops ‘growing’) inside the beautiful sculpture by Smiljan Radic for drinks, canapes and five piece band to party the night away. 


Now, unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures at the event – trying to take on the ‘creativity is maximised when you live in the moment’ philosophy. But the above picture, on Lululemon’s instagram gives you an idea of communal yoga, and I highly recommend it – fab for if you’ve had a long journey and need to de-stress your body. So get your yogi booties down to your closest Lululemon!!!

I need a little time to think it over

And by the words of a great Beautiful South song, that’s exactly what I have done.

At first I was really enjoying this blogging thing, using it as a bit of an open diary, writing down whatever popped into my head. Where that may be all well and good for some, it got a bit tired for me. I was loosing inspiration fast and my old blog posts looked dull as I looked back at them.

So I shut down my blog. Hid it in the back of my mind and got on with life pre-blogging, even went on holiday and whilst on holiday, I stumbled across this little gem:

Picture from Etsy’s Pinterest

These are two of the things that make me happiest in life, along with going on these adventures of food and travel with some amazing people that my life has been blessed with.

So I’m feeling a bit of a revamp.

Watch. This. Space.

The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies


I hope you all had a beaut bank holiday weekend. The weather was glorious, we had a jam packed weekend out with the dogs, a finale to the bluebell walks and plenty of food. Then Monday with the good weather continuing a whole day of relaxation and taking it easy with the Boy before he went back to University. Continue reading