As you may know, I saw Beyonce earlier this week with the lovely Joelle! I must say it was AMAZING! I would have loved to share this experience with you earlier, but as mentioned earlier I have had a jam packed week, aren’t you lucky that I’m choosing to spend these precious free moments with you lovelies?! Although I cannot do Beyonce justice in words I will try my best, and it just so happens it is international womens day, So if I’m going to post about anyone today, who better than Beyonce?

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10 things I’m smiling about

I probably won’t get much chance to blog this week. It looks to be a bit of a whirlwind of a week, a very exciting one at that. So I’ll give you a quick breakdown of what’s getting me all excited this week:

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The Five Minute Journal


I’ve been seeing this thing all over the place! The five minute journal looks like an amazing idea, aimed at setting you up with positive thoughts to start off your day! Not exactly a diary, as those I do not enjoy, but a few notes on what you aim to get out of the day and a few motivational quotes here and there for good measure. I think we could all do with taking 5 minutes out of the day to think positively, set goals and appreciate what we have already.

This is definitely an addition I need in my life, plus doesn’t it look super cute and sophisticated – You could imagine the one and only Audrey Hepburn carrying one of these about in her handbag.

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Let’s be Honest

So let me fess up, I am not normally a socialite in fact my week often revolves around the free magazines I pick up on the way to and from work (Tuesdays: Timeout; Wednesday: Stylist (although has been missing as of late); & Fridays: Evening Standard (Last week was Deluxe?!)). And yes changes in this routine turn my life into utter dismay. So when I had the opportunity to go out for a meal not once but twice in one day! I grabbed it with both hands!

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Creativity takes courage.

“The Excellence of Every Art Must Consist In the Complete Accomplishment of its Purpose”

The problem that I find I constantly fall into, along with most other Londoners is staring at the pavement and refusing to make eye contact with anyone on the tube or in the street. But why not look up and appreciate what is around us? I have often found myself envying other cities, especially those in Italy for their mix of architecture and art littering the streets. However, if I take the time to look to the rooftops on Piccadilly I would notice the Justice by H. Binney or the sculpted details on the De Beers shop building.

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Lust list SS ’14

Lust list SS '14
The material goods that I am craving at the moment!
I know the oxblood read has been around for quite a while and I jumped on that band wagon as soon as I could! I love it! I already have ASOS jeans, a bag and full length dress in the colour, but being in the material world that we are, who am I to say no to more?
Plus, as I mentioned previously my wardrobe needs a bit of a face lift! So a splash of colour wouldn’t go a miss!