7 Tips For Long-haul Flying

You all know by now that I love travelling. Everything from a travel quote to packing two weeks prior to actually leaving get me buzzing for going on a journey!
I actually really enjoy flying, when you get butterflies with take off and the world below becomes a model land as you soar into the clouds.

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However, long haul flights are a different kettle of fish, the recycled air wreaks havoc on your skin, said recycled air will try its best to attack your immune system & a child is bound to get excited/scared/upset for some reason and thus make loud noises – always as your dozing off.

So why put yourself through it? Well for one thing, the destinations are magical and vastly different of your own corner of the world, but also because I have a few tricks to avoid these as best you can!
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Sea kayaking in Angthong National Marine Park

Another early start, washing down breakfast with a strong coffee and we were off in the coach to Nathon, the Capital of Koh Samui. This is a locals town, where the port is and definitely worth a visit for the night market and food stalls!

Thailand, things to do, Sea Kayak, National Marine Park, Koh Saumi, Ang Thong

With this journey unlike the Snorkelling, you can either take a speedboat or a slow boat, the slow boat only takes 30 minutes longer, is cheaper & includes the island landing fee which the speedboat doesn’t. Patrick and I have got good sea legs so clambered up to the sun deck so we could watch everything go by & internally shout “thar be land ahead” – okay maybe that last part is just me. 

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