A mini guide to Stockholm

I’ve written quite a few travel posts now, but I haven’t written about one of my favourite corners of the world.

Stockholm is a very fun and exciting city, something to suit everyone, cityscape surrounded by water, parks and a short sail away to the islands of the archipelago.

This can be a tad bit intimidating, facing a city full of opportunity and getting major FOMO.

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From London to Edinburgh by train

When leaving for Scotland on the Saturday of the bank holiday weekend I had no intention of blogging about it. A short 24 hour trip which would mainly involve being indoors, not much to blog about, I thought. And in all honesty I wasn’t particularly looking forward to the journey – even though normally I love a good train journey.

But soon we were whizzing past stunning landscapes, a rich tapestry weaving itself as we went. Each scene as breathtaking as the last. My love for trains was rekindled and my nose was Β pressed firmly against the glass drinking in view after view trying to snap as much as I could.
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