Byron burgers, another big name on the English food scene, is somewhere I love frequenting! So when they’ve got something new and exciting on the menu (they’ve always got something new and exciting on the menu), it’s just another excuse to visit.

That something at the moment is the Byronissimo, an Italian inspired burger. Apparently burgers are the next big thing in Italy at the moment and when Byron’s head chef caught wind, he was hot on their tails.

The result is Byronissimo – a Byron hamburger with an Italiano accent, featuring a 6oz patty with melting Fontina cheese, crispy pancetta and slow-cooked tomato relish, plus classic toppings of pickled red onion, tomato, shredded iceberg and mayonnaise – all wrapped up inside a classic glazed bun.

Just take a look at that beauty!

P went for the B-Rex – another limited edition, which was meant to stopped in April, but has stuck around to give the people what they want! The B-Rex lives up to its beastly name, a towering stack of an onion ring, streaky bacon, American cheese, jalapeños, pickles, onion, topped with BBQ sauce and mayonnaise.

P always makes sure we order an abundance of sides, saying he couldn’t possibly not have their deliciously crispy onion rings, fries and if we want to pig out why not throw in the skin on chips too, they are quite something!

The Byronissimo is only here for a short while longer, leaving 25th May (sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, to be quite honest I forgot to go until today!) – but maybe if you show it enough of a fuss, the kind folks behind Byron might consider bringing it back?

If you miss out on the Byronissimo I love the ‘Le Smokey’, or when if you’re feeling particularly brave the ‘Chilli Queen’, but be careful, it isn’t one for the faint hearted.

Top 8 Road Trip Tips

I’ve been meaning to write this for quite some time. Remember way back when I started this lil thing, P & I drove to and from Sweden?
Age UK have recently released a few handy tips for long car journeys to help you avoid fatigue in long car journeys as, “Driver fatigue causes thousands of road accidents each year.”

Having shamelessly cherry picked a few of theirs and adding a few of my own I have come up with the below list, which may be of use to you if anyone’s planning a road trip!

1. Book in advance – we left a few places for the spontaneity, but you do save time and money by booking most hotels/hostels etc. In advance, you don’t have to worry if you’ll get a spot and you have more time to explore the surroundings rather than searching relentlessly for somewhere to stay. One of the best places we stayed was a beautiful little fisherman’s house, which we were recommended and luckily still had space when we rang on the way up.

2. Plan the journey – I’m not saying plan every single detail or even doing it that far in advance, just bring along a good ol fashioned map, or use your satnav if you’re snazzy and check the general direction, which roads lead that way and what junctions you need. You can leave a bit to chance to find a nice place for a wander or a quick bit of wild swimming!

3. Check your cars essentials – I personally have very little clue on this, I refill the windscreen washer fluid once every six months and that’s about where my talents end when it comes to working below a bonnet, but Age UK got you covered on the basics! (Plus it ain’t a bad idea to have a service not too far before the big trip).

4. Stock up on food and water! I’ve learnt from my time with P to always have a snack or two stashed away. In this case I brought a small cooler bag for some fruit and longer life goodies, such as crisps, and ryvita breads. Why not make one of your stops somewhere with a nice little market? Or if you happen to be travelling through Germany, like we did, save the pennies and pop into Lidl or Aldi for lots of great deals! Alter all no one likes a hangry driver, or passenger for that matter!

Anything better than German cherries, I think not?!

5. Where possible avoid driving through the night. The dim light will add to that sleepiness, plus you can’t see any of the amazingness thats around you as you drive!

6. Take regular breaks – for one you want to enjoy the scenery, not just drive the whole holiday! Secondly you need a break, grab some food, drink, natural relief and a stretch of the limbs! This is how we found some of the funest things on our road trip – such as China in Sweden, Shrines for Vikings and beautiful rolling sand dunes!

7. Try to get to your next accommodation before 4pm. Rush hour is pants wherever you go, plus then you have time to explore your surroundings, find that snazzy little beer garden or restaurant to chill for the evening and drink up … the atmosphere!

8. Now I know driving isn’t the most eco-friendly mode of transport, so it may be worth trying to give back a bit. We loved our ekocentrum Near Soderhamn. And ain’t it nice to have a bit of a break from technology when you’re surrounded by it all day?

9 Reasons to visit Heidelberg

I’m a big fan of hot summer’s and cold winters, I want it all or nothing, not a fan of the whole drippy, soggy weather the England is burdened with through the winter dragging through to spring. So in the depths of soggy February headed for the hills of Heidelberg in Germany. Heidelberg is situated in Baden-Württemberg, south-west Germany. Heidelberg is full of beautiful walks, things to do and places to see, so bring some good shoes you’re in for a good glute work out! It’s a beautiful romantic cityscape, and one of the stops on the romantic road, so has quite a lot going for it, but here are the highlights of our trip:

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