What to wear when visiting places of worship (in the heat)

Dressing for religious places is relatively easy in cooler temperatures, but as soon as some heat comes, the last thing you want is to cover your knees and shoulders for the fear of sweating to death (let alone the tan lines, but shh, that may sounds dreadfully shallow said aloud).

As you may have guessed I love travel, part of that is exploring churches, temples and places of worship, seeing the history, the ornate designs and observing the calm that accompanies them. However, if you’re visiting in the heat of summer when the temperature is 35 degrees Celsius +, its difficult to dress appropriately without sweltering.

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Joe’s southern kitchen, Covent Garden

Me and the girls met up for a good ol’ fashioned Friday night catch up at Joe’s Southern Kitchen, Covent Garden. Infamous for their cheeky tweets, tantalising chicken and tremendous cocktails, it seemed a natural choice.Bare bricks, beards and lumberjack shirted folk serve you, yep we’ve entered hipsterville a little further west, but hey ho, hey ho…. Oh stop it.

Getting back to the important bit, the food! We plumped for a Beer can Chicken to share between four.

Whilst we were waiting we got our hands on the cocktail menu, and got a round in. I’ve had a real thing for lychee recently, so The lychee was the one for me! But I can tell you the French martini was pretty snazzy too! When the chicken came to the table it was proudly sitting atop a beer can, then whisked away to be carved for you. Look at that bbq sticky glaze, yep I’m hungry again!

Joe’s recommends a whole chicken feeds 2-3, but with a side each we were utterly stuffed by the end.

Now the sides are pretty dishy too. With the likes of chunky chips – which are like a smokey bbq version of a roasty; chicken salt sprinkled fries – finger lickin’ goooood; and pulled pork with butter beans, yep they just melt in your mouth.

Β If you try their macaroni cheese, let me know, as that looked amazing with a crunchy top and oozing cheese, I wasn’t staring at it longingly at all…

& if all that ain’t enough to lure you in, cocktails are Β£4 till 6.30pm at Covent garden.

Now, clean off those mitts, possibly some drool too and get yourself down there!!!

Joe’s is a great spot for some cheeky chicken, other than Nando’s. Good price, good food, good service – even if they look like they’ve come fresh from cutting down a tree, at least their happy about it!

P.s. their bar, cocktail baby in the cellar below the diner, looks pretty nifty for a night out or carry the night on with one or two after dinner!

Top 5 TV Making Dads

Now this isn’t a normal post for me, it doesn’t revolve around food, travel or London, so I’m a bit out of my comfort zone. Joe’s Bloggers emailed me recently telling me I could be in a chance to win a Smart 3D Ultra 4k 48″ Curved LED TV in return for my Top 5 TV Dads, with Fathers day rapidly approaching and my dad’s complaints about not being able to see the tele rapidly increasing this was perfect timing.
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Recipe | Elderflower cordial

Have you seen the big puffy, cloud like elderflowers sprouting out as of late? Well apart from giving us the nod that summer is well on the way, it can be used to make lots of delicious treats.

Elderflower cordial, or flader saft is a traditional Swedish drink, made by many households ready for Midsommar celebrations (the Friday before summer equinox).

We make quite large batches, so I’ve scaled this down a bit for you.

What you’ll need to make approximately 1.5 litres of cordial:

30 elderflower heads
2kg sugar
4 lemons
3 teaspoon citric acid (from the chemist)
1.5 litres water

Add water and sugar to a large pot and bring to boil allowing the sugar to dissolve.

Once sugar has dissolved remove from the heat.

Rinse the elderflowers to get rid of any dirt or bugs that may have stowed their way in.

Add the zest of two lemons, then slice all four lemons.

Add flowers and lemon to the syrup.

Cover the pan and leave for a week. Many recipes here say only 24 hours, but I don’t think it gives enough flavour.

Remember to stir once, every 2 days. Once infused, sieve through a muslin cloth (or clean tea towel), to get rid of any bits, into a large bowl or pan. This can then be funnelled into sterilised bottles, or plastic container if you’d like to freeze it.

If your a fan of candied fruit, try the lemons after theyve soaked up the delicious floral syrup – divine!

Enjoy x