Far East, China Town

I’ve got something to admit, I’ve been a bit selfish.

I’ve been going here for years and contemplating whether or not to share my little safe haven in the middle of busy, crazy, fast-paced London.

A little oasis nestled right in the centre of China town, it’s calm, quite and you know what the food may be cheap and cheerful, but it’s damned good too! Continue reading

7 Things Every Harry Potter Fan Needs

If there’s one thing that took our generation by storm it would be Harry Potter.

Growing up with the books.

Anxiously awaiting the films.

& absolutely falling head over heels for anything Hogwarts, I’m looking at you Warner Bro’s. Much like Harry Potter, we also all seem to love a list, so why the hello not combine the two?! Here are my top 7 things every Harry Potter Fan needs in their lives, you know apart from all the books, because DUH! Continue reading

Talli Joe, Covent Garden

I love Covent Garden/Holborn. It’s fun, lots of independent restaurants and always buzzing.

It feels fresh here, combined with old world London of cobbles streets and a real sense of community. It feels cool.

It’s like a slightly less hipster Shoreditch, where you don’t have to be achingly cool, beard clad or button your shirt all the way up, but you still feel like your in the buzz that brings people flocking to London.
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Bread & Meat, Cambridge

I woke up to the results of the referendum, rather hot headed, upset and down right angry. That day I luckily only had a half day at work and sang my frustration out in the car on the way up to Cambridge.

Patrick is a sensible chap, he knows that food will cure most of my anger (well actually most things). So we pottered down to Bread & Meat and when I saw this sign, I knew we were going to get along just fine.

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