Skinade review

As you may have noticed from my Twitter and Instagram feed I am trying out skinade.

Skinade is essentially a “bioavailable” collagen, now what they mean by that is that the body can take collagen in through the digestive system without breaking it down as it does with proteins normally. Well very few scientifically sound studies back this claim. However the other ingredients include vitamin C which have been shown to help maintain collagen levels, but not necessarily boost them once they’ve already started declining. Continue reading

Recipe | Godiva Challenge 2015

Lady Godiva known by many as a noblewoman who took to riding a horse through Coventry in a bid for her husband to remit his taxes; the original #freethenipple crusader, so it seems apt that Godiva chocolates are supporting the charity Breast Cancer Now with their latest competition; which just so happens to fall in October, Breast Cancer awareness month & Chocolate month, so it only makes sense that they marry up the two!

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Dear Freshers

Firstly, well done! You’ve gotten into Uni! With the highest number of applicants nowadays, that’s no mean feat!

When results day swung by it actually shocked me how long ago I went to pick up my A-Levels & how scary (& exciting) this new experience ahead of me seemed.

So to make it that tad bit easier on you, I thought I’d share what I wish I knew before I went to university.Β  Continue reading