Benihana, Kings Road

One word. Amazing! Let’s set the scene!
Friday night, one of those ridiculously long weeks. Perfect for a meet up with two friends, I hadn’t seen in far too long!

You descend down a wide spiral and you’re in this ridiculously friendly, welcoming Japanese restaurant, if a little dimly lit. But seriously, everyone you pass will say hello/welcome/some form of greeting as you walk down the staircase.

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What to wear when visiting places of worship (in the heat)

Dressing for religious places is relatively easy in cooler temperatures, but as soon as some heat comes, the last thing you want is to cover your knees and shoulders for the fear of sweating to death (let alone the tan lines, but shh, that may sounds dreadfully shallow said aloud).

As you may have guessed I love travel, part of that is exploring churches, temples and places of worship, seeing the history, the ornate designs and observing the calm that accompanies them. However, if you’re visiting in the heat of summer when the temperature is 35 degrees Celsius +, its difficult to dress appropriately without sweltering.

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