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Throwback Thursday! I love travelling, all year round my life revolves around where I am going next, what can I see, do and explore! Over the Summer I went on some amazing trips. One of which was a road trip around Europe from England through to Sweden and Back again, with my lovely boyfriend. It was truly amazing, with some breath-taking sites, an insight into different countries styles, foods and general demeanor. We tried to go to some places off the beaten track, such as small villages in rural Sweden, as well as the big cities, such as Amsterdam!

After experiencing a beautiful fisherman’s cottage lifestyle in the North of Sweden; where the biggest shop was the size of a garden shed that sold smoked fish, soft drinks, coffee and cake; I was sold on the beauty of the simplistic life! Even though the least was there I was in love with it! We slept in the attic on a futon with a view onto the lake;  we had a morning swim in said lake; a small kitchen with a log burning stove; and the freshest fish you could ask for!

I’m hoping to do a cottage retreat this summer, potentially around the UK somewhere, to reduce costs and just get cut off from the niggles of life for a while to soak up the surroundings.

This was all brought back to me through a quote on

The Great Train Robbery: “Anyone can be complicated, but simplicity, that’s hard.”

I’m one of those people who gets hooked on quotes (Another reason for the “Bonnie in Wonderland” theme) and this will probably be one that I whip out from time to time. But it is so true, definitely for me anyway, I often over complicate things when the answer could be the simplest of things. Anyway enough of my babbling!

Below is a summary of our Euro-trip in pictures.




8 thoughts on “Wanderlust

  1. Great post! I was in Stockholm and Vaxholm recently, but everything there is far from a simple cottage or shed. I would love to see what type of life I’d live under those conditions in Sweden one day though!

    1. I love visiting Sweden! I have been to Stockholm many times! and Vaxholm I had the pleasure of visiting a few years ago! I love the scenery in Sweden, that you can be in the middle of the city but the elements are still the main feature! I highly recommend visiting more rural areasto get a feel for the real Sweden from years gone by!

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