Fashion faux post

Todays is just a quick post as I am out and about in Sweden for Christmas!

So todays topic is fashion… I have poor fashion choices around 80% of the time, this is not a point to protest, merely accept. Some days I leave the house looking like ugly Betty. The problem is not that I have poor style (debatable) but that I like too many different styles.

Despite my frequent fashion faux pas, I enjoy looking at fashion blogs for a bit of fashion inspiration, so that I look vaguely presentable from time to time.

So here are my top 3!




I love people watching in cafe’s after a long day shopping, and one of my favourite places to do so, is along the streets of Stockholm. The street style is simple with classic lines! This is the reason that two of the above blogs are Swedish!

One day I would like to be able to get up in the morning and dress myself nicely, without taking an hour to decide whether I look like an idiot or not; I should learn that when that is even a possibility the outfit is probably not a good idea.

Anyone have any recommendations for good lifestyle/fashion blogs for me to have a nosy through?

Lots of love xoxo.