The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

I recently had a discussion with my cousin and he said it was the adrenaline that was enjoyable similar to a theme park ride. I, however do not experience this enjoyment from a horror film and tend to fear for my life afterwards. I have watched several horror films, albeit unwillingly and unrepeated.  

I tend to prefer the fuzziness of chick flicks, comedy’s and the occasional children’s film for good measure. But sit me infront of a good fantasy or action film and I am sold!

I am by no means a film critic and am neither am I trying to be, just giving you my take on the Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

At school I found the task of analysing books and poetry a laborious task, which in my opinion was a waste of time. Why could the Author not simply mean what they had written down?! I am not thinking of any second meanings as I write this and do not wish anyone to try and analyse the current economic climate due to my use of adjectives or such gobbledygook.

However, since reading this book, a long time ago and then watching the second part of the trilogy, just yesterday I saw myself drawing similarities to man today. How very dull, I hear some of you say and I am sure my former self would be on your side.  But the Alice in me says “I can’t go back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” So I shall carry on.

Hopefully there will not be too many spoilers, but if you are hoping to watch it soon and don’t want any clues, turn back now.

So as we left off from the last Hobbit instalment, the 12 escaped the clutches of the Orcs into the sunset, we rejoin them once again avoiding their Enemy.

They seek refuge with a shape shifter. He later points out the greed and egotistical nature of the dwarves. This got me thinking how very little some people care for other people and animals. How we can class lives as of lesser value than our own is beyond me. But we still do. The number of adverts to help others and the number of people we could help a stones through from our front door is crazy ( I think this calls for another good deed theme to start). But I won’t rant on about giving, after all we aren’t in church.

The graphics throughout was quite well done, with a few glitches in fast speed shots.

I was glad to welcome the wood elves and Orlando Bloom back into my life, as Orlando was thoroughly missed in the first. Even if his father gives a very strong “not in my back yard” approach to life.

Throughout this trek through the forest and elven lands, Gandalf was off on his own little mission. With a fantastic fight scene I was still distraught when some of the strange wolf like creatures, used as Orc transport, were killed (even if they are evil, animal death just seems to cripple me).

Going back to the great journey of the dwarves (and Bilbo of course) they were soon on their way to Laketown. this once prosperous area was in ruins and looked to me what I imagine plague ridden England. This wasn’t the most exciting of places for me; but am sure it is mainly introduced for its appearance in the next film.

Referring back to my love of quotes, Bilbo’s last words “What have we done?” rung through me. It is often thought in many circumstances in life. Some extremely serious in the case of wars and some very trivial in the case of a drunken call/text.

I have tried to keep this relatively short, as I said, this was by no means a review or meant to be a spoiler.

All-in-All a fantastic film and I highly recommend it.
For those ofyou who haven’t seen it, here is the trailer:


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