Replace Fear of the unkown with Curiosity

2013 turned into a year to conquering my fears, although they sound pretty meagre when putting them into perspective and many I hadn’t even realised I’d gotten over until I had done it.

So I guess you want to know what these ‘fears’ might be? Please bear in mind they are really rather silly, but still, making baby steps is still moving forward, right?

No. 1 Thunder bolts and Lightening, very very frightening – this used to terrify me, but in Denmark my boyfriend took me by the hand and we went to the beach to watch a thunderstorm over the sea! It was amazing! From that point onwards I can understand the awe my mother experiences every time a storm is about.

No. 2 Escalators, especially those in the tube – but due to my frequent travel into London I am even happy to walk up and DOWN them – Even at peak times!

No. 3 Travelling on my own – Yes I have flown on my own, but the concept of getting into a taxi on my own – even one I had booked in 2012 would have been a terrifying prospect.

So now I am extremely excited to see what 2014 has to offer! And hopefully will be able to recall all the little triumphs a little better with this as my notebook.

I have been thinking about my new years resolution and could not think of anything. Until the other day when I thought of three (rule of three’s and all that):

No. 1 Be less attached to material goods.

No. 2 Be more creative.

No. 3 Kick something off the Bucket List.

Yes, these are quite general, but I think I work well like that and I will home in and tell you about the specifics of each as I conquer them.

I have been sinking my teeth into these already! – I am having a good wardrobe clear out; trying to be more grateful for experiences in everyday life; I have been making a scrap book of inter-railing around Italy with my boyfriend (posts to come); of course the start and continuation of this blog and my Bucket list is full of big and small tasks that I fancy ticking off this year!


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