This is England or is it?!

No, do not worry I haven’t gone all nationalist on you.

On my commute to work I have been amazed by the amount of teens that are dressed like the cast out of “This is England.” After all this is not a film revelled for it’s fashion. It’s a bad era to choose from and yes maybe I am a bit of a hypocrite, for one loving vintage and secondly that my fashion sense can be average at its best.

I am all for taking a bit of inspiration from the past, but completely rein-acting what you have seen, surely you have a bit more imagination than that?! No you are not indie or edgy, if you hadn’t noticed your whole generation seems to think this is the best they can do?!

Now a quote has popped into my head which I think is particularly apt, in fact it is my mums favourite:

“Don’t look back you are not going that way”

But then again maybe it isn’t them who we should be blaming, but ourselves? I watched an amazingly inspiring film on TEDx. Its all about the triumphs of home schooling and the suppression of creativity at conventional schools. I don’t know how much is true, as I knew many creative amazingly talented people who I went to school with. But for me creativity and actually thinking for myself didn’t come till university. One of my tutors, in my first year at Uni told me my whole mindset would change during my three years. I remember thinking why would I want to change the way I thought, I loved learning and I loved the subject I was doing. What more did I need?!

Free thinking! that’s what I needed, the ability to think outside the box and think for myself not regurgitate what I had read or heard. To actually process that information.

This point was really brought home to me this week. Just by the sheer amazement at how little people think for themselves. This is not me saying they need University, because I know Uni is not for everyone and I know plenty of successful people who never went to University. But maybe we need to just do that extra web search, take out a book and read up on something before asking someone else to give us the information. We are all after a quick fix and an easy answer. So my challenge to you this week is to just go that little bit further and think, look, read before we ask for the answer. Find the answer yourself!


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