Who Run the World?

Here is my “I’m gonna conquer the world” face:

Conquer the world

This was prior to my run with my friend. I’m going to challenge myself this year, in every way possible this year, instead of sitting here and just talking about it. I set off and started today!

We set out on this run, with the forewarning  of my incompetence when it comes to all things running related. He really helped me think more about my form and what I need to do to improve. Today we only did a short run of about 2km, to get a gage of my fitness and how I run. I am so glad for that as I have not run for over 2 months and my gosh didn’t it show?!

Until recently I never really understood why people ran before, apart from the obvious health benefits and to keep the weight off. But I have had this revelation of late, that a life that has no challenges, isn’t really a life at all. I want to do something with mine. So this is where it all begins!

prior to this post I have not run over 5km, so you can follow my journey as I increase my distance and hopefully my times.


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