Summertime sadness

I am definitely not the first to say “I miss summer” and I won’t be the last. Certainly not with these short, cold and wet days that we’ve been having recently. DSC02807

I don’t know about you but, I have certain go to items that I wear in the summer such as my trusty denim dress. It’s the LBD equivalent for those long summer days, ready for anything and can be dressed up and down. The denim dress doesn’t get enough praise in my opinion, I think every girls wardrobe needs a bit of double D loving (pun intended, tehe). DSC02822DSC02810

But why not shake off the shackles and wear it in the winter? This is what went through my head last weekend, so that’s exactly what I did. I slipped on some tights wiggled into my denim dress and  kept warm in a cosy cardi et Voila. The once ‘only for summer’ dress is now a transitional and maybe, just maybe even a winter dress!

And even though summer is not any closer, this dress does make me feel a tad bit more summery.

There is so much choice for denim out there, so thought I’d give you a bit of inspo with my picks:


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