Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

The Chinese New Year begins today – two reasons to Celebrate, January is almost over and the year of the Horse begins – said to bring health, wealth and those born under this zodiac are promised lots of travel! My motivation has not hindered over this month and I have carried on challenging myself!

Even after having a bit of a Bridget Jones week including: emptying the contents of my bag across my room when in a hurry to leave for work; running like Phoebe in the rain trying to keep up my training (more to follow); and eating spoonfuls of lotus biscoff spread to subside the embarrassment of said incidents.

But my lord, was that spread good! I had heard rumours that those gorgeous caramelised biscuits were to become a spread, little did I know they were available at everyday supermarkets! So when I saw a jar of it in Sainsbury’s I almost squealed with excitement – luckily I restrained myself!

Anywho, back to challenges! Having not been the strongest of readers (or writers for that matter), I have taken to reading a book on my commute to work. I am hoping to build myself up to be able to read a book a month. My first book, is The Bone Season, written by my amazingly talented friend, Samantha Shannon. I thought it only right to read this book in one of the places it is set! Having started this around the 10th January, I am pleased to say I am almost finished! It is a fantastic read and engulfs you into its supernatural world that has those nods towards reality, that make you wonder whether it’s going on. She has often been compared to JK Rowling and until now I saw very little similarity, yes it is a supernatural book, but very different to Harry Potter. However, it is this subtle nod that gives the reader a yearn to be a part of this alternate universe.

Any good suggestions for where my reading list should take me next?


My second point of challenging myself is that I have entered a 14k. Having just sent off my application I still have to see if there is space to run for the charity, but this is still 7 months in advance. Being a person who doesn’t do running, let alone normally enjoy it, I suddenly had a wave of motivation come over me and clicked the enter button. This not only is exciting and challenging but also all for a good cause. And believe it or not I am actually itching to get going! I am so so excited to do this and it is something I have wanted to tick/kick off the bucket list – do a run for charity. Originally I had said a 5k would be just fine for me, but why not push myself that little bit more? For some of you seasoned runners, (and I know a few of you crazy’s) training for a 14k this far in advance may seem silly, but this has got me all rallied up for the race! – Who’d have thought it?!

Keeping to the challenging theme, I started this blog for that exact reason. To push myself and get myself thinking in a more creative way! Hopefully, you all are enjoying reading as I am writing this blog, but not only that I am finding inspiration in everyday occurrences making notes and scribbles on the back of metro’s as I get inspiration. I am also finding huge tendencies in my writing, trying to begin sentences with certain words. This is helping me think more about my writing. I should be posting at least once a week, so please pop back and visit me!

So with all these exciting new feats in my near future I need a good motivational playlist right?!

Here is a little snip-it:

Beyonce – Grown Woman

Avicii – Hey Brother

Beyonce – Why Don’t You Love Me

SHM – Don’t You Worry Child

John Legend – All of Me

Lana del Rey – Summertime sadness remix

Katy Perry – Roar

Linkin Park & Jay-Z – Numb

Clean Bandit – Mozart’s House

*Disclaimer* The first and last images are not my own.


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