I have noticed I am strong on themes as of late, jumping from one topic to another within one post, but trying to keep it all under one umbrella. How are you guys finding this? – Yay or Nay? – or rather “Nej” for the sack of the posts title!

The British public have suddenly had a surge of Scandimania I would say, with the television show of the same name and Scandi fashion houses popping up everywhere! In my house we have been Scandi-centred for a long time.

My mother is a strong example of the classic Swedish woman, not only in looks but also personality. These are the kind of people I love to fill my life, bright, open and honest (often frighteningly so). This has most definitely occurred in my life as my friends (and definitely my family) fit this description.

My brothers Birthday has just occurred (Happy Birthday M!!!) and for this I purchased a lovely, shiny copy of Avicii’s album on vinyl!!! Automatically jumping right to the top of my gift list when I heard him with “Wake me up”, the voices he uses to create his music are old fashioned in a good way and will sound fabulous on our vinyl player! Secondly of course he scored brownie points for being Swedish – although I am less Scandi-obsessed than my brother, only ever so slightly though. Thirdly it has the track “Hey Brother” and how could I resist a great little morsel like that to slip through the net!

Being half Swedish I often find myself lusting over the likes of Stockholm Street Style, wishing I could be as effortlessly cool. And who wouldn’t crave the simplicity, clean lines and attention to detail on offer from Scandinavian fashion. So, after Reading Vogue’s article on the new Scandi pop-up shop in Selfridges that I had to rush down there!

As soon as it hit 5pm I  scurried out of the Office and off to Bond Street Station as fast as my little legs could carry me. And I was pleasantly received into the street style section full of lights and colours everywhere, where the likes of Vero Moda, Noisy May, Y.A.S and H&M awaited.

vera hm

Heading up to the third floor to see the Contemporary and Denim wear, there was a more sophisticated feel, with a definite nod to the up coming London Fashion Week, Long wide “runway” -escque walkways and clothes lining racks exquisitly by colour and material. Exhibiting Scandinavian designers from COS through to Tiger of Sweden. With a beautiful collection from Wood Wood, I hadn’t heard of this brand before but the effortless Knitwear and Sport Luxe Sweaters were to die for!


After being suitably emerged in fashion what’s a girl to do but sashay through the shoe gallery?


The styles for S/S ’14 are certainly going the traditional route of pastels, which always goes down a treat; along with a subtle nod to the 90’s (more so than we saw in A/W ’13) with daisy prints on black dresses and skirts. I am enjoying the ditsy florals just giving me that hint of nostalgia, without being a full blown sucker punch back in time. If there is one rule in fashion it most certainly is history repeats itself – even if it wasn’t that great the first time round.


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