The Wilma Diaries: It’s a dogs life!

Good day to you, I am Wilma, Bonnie’s top dog. She will be my scribe for this post as I do not have opposable thumbs.

This is me. I am terribly #hipster when I want to be.

I like long walks (when my legs aren’t playing me up); big fluffy blankets to scrunch up just right and play fighting with my mummy (that’s Bonnie, I think you may know her), but this is strictly private, I do not wish the other dogs to think they are equal to me. I am most definitely the favourite and I will let no-one forget it!

I suppose you would like to know the goings on in my life as of late. Well, recently it has consisted of a lot of rain – I do not enjoy rain. Thus, I have frequented the living room sofa throughout the days, trying to go out as little as possible.

However, last Sunday was a glorious day. So mummy thought it be the perfect opportunity for a good long walk. Dylan and Aurora came along too, but I took little notice of them, I think of myself as more of a lone wolf – but not in that weird chap from the Hangover way… Why on earth you humans find that amusing is beyond me.


Anyway, back to the walk, the sun was shining, there was a gentle breeze and the ground was relatively dry to foot. This suited me right down to the ground. Aurora was running around like a lunatic, but I kept well out of her grasps, residing at the other end of the field for my walkies.

Once we had all had enough of walking, we trotted back home ready for my afternoon nap. The others carried on their games in the garden. But my dear mummy came into bake for her brother. Sadly it was chocolate cake, mummy told me I was not allowed any as chocolate has something called theobromine in it, mummy did explain further but I soon lost interest.


Since this silly thing called University – basically a place where humans go for ages; come back every few months, often tired and groggy; when they are home, they have to endure this terrible task called revision, whereby they ignore everything apart from pieces of paper for hours on end – mummy now likes using long words, she tries to teach them to me, but I do like to remind her “You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.” Although I am pretty clever I do not need all that scientific mumbo jumbo in my head I am perfectly happy in my world of cuddles, dreams and doggy biscuits.

I am ever so happy today though, as right now mummy is working from home and I get lots of cuddles, there is a thing on called a tube strike. This stops her from leaving the house – I think I like tube strikes. Although, I do enjoy taking my trips into the office to visit my adoring public, you have to give the people what they want after all!

Tata for now,


P.S. Let me know what you think about my blog post. I am ever so sorry for any mistranslations, but those will be due to mummy dearest.


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