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Creativity takes courage.

“The Excellence of Every Art Must Consist In the Complete Accomplishment of its Purpose”

The problem that I find I constantly fall into, along with most other Londoners is staring at the pavement and refusing to make eye contact with anyone on the tube or in the street. But why not look up and appreciate what is around us? I have often found myself envying other cities, especially those in Italy for their mix of architecture and art littering the streets. However, if I take the time to look to the rooftops on Piccadilly I would notice the Justice by H. Binney or the sculpted details on the De Beers shop building.

Art is such a beautiful thing, and having this new craze of occupying Facebook with art is a beautiful change for social media!

I never thought museums were all that fascinating when I was younger, something for school trips and not for fun. But now I find myself wondering the halls of the V&A and absolutely ecstatic that a John Constables work is going on display in the National Gallery. Maybe it’s maturity, or maybe I have just decided what I like? Or maybe the two are one in the same.

Today my lunch hour was dedicated to discovering the National Gallery, Yes, I said discover. I feel as though I have committed a sin for living in London and not having visited the National Gallery till today! It was stunning. I share a love of Constables works with my Dad, we had a big discussion about it all and his detail for nature and am hoping to take him to view them. One piece that surprised me and is quite different to Constables norm was Cenotaph to the memory of Sir Joshua Reynolds.

It drifts from following rolling hills and agriculture, but still keeps that meticulous detail in the natural world.

I still remember the moment when I thought “galleries aren’t too bad”. I was on a family holiday (we’ve barely had enough to count on one hand) and I did not want to miss a second of us all being together. So, when someone suggested the adults go to the gallery whilst my brother and I were to do something else – of which I cannot remember, this was about 7 years ago now – I was insistent on going to the gallery too.

But going back to the quote, in the perfect position above the main entrance to the V&A. Art is there to be seen, there to be experienced. And with this new sharing of art on Facebook, we are doing exactly that!

For those of you that do not already know the jist of it, you start by liking someone elses post. For example I posted:

“The idea is to occupy Facebook with art, breaking the monotony of selfies and bitstrips. Whoever likes this post will receive an artist, and has to publish a piece by that artist along with this text.

I got Alphonse Mucha. Choosing his image of “Summer”. Please rain go away, I want summer now!

Then the person who has posted assigns you an artist, I have had a mix of both artists and photographers, and it really broadens your view of art. I love the styles of the artists exhibited in the Skagen Museum (this was where I fell for art) other than that I just like what I like, I guess. After being assigned different artists I have seen lots of work that I had know about but not known the creator (this often is the way isn’t it?). You also find yourself trawling through lots of their work to reflect how you feel or just what you like, opening your eyes to their style of work and getting a feeling for their art.

So if you haven’t had a chance to get involved, why not leave a comment here and I’ll assign an artist to you? Then you can carry on leaving a trail of artistic breadcrumbs around your own Facebook.

P.S. I’m not saying we have to make eye contact on the street, we have to stay true to being British right? But, maybe let’s appreciate a little more what surrounds us.


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