This is a bit late in the day but, It’s Valentines day, the day where soppy couples get soppier; not so soppy ones become soppy and singletons grow bitter. So here is a quick picture based post for if you are single; in a relationship or somewhere in-between.

Why Valentines day is good for all of the above:

1.  V-day baking, I always do it and I know you can bake at any time of year but it’s nice to have a special day. If all days were special, then none would be. (The spoiler below is the main reason this post is a bit late in the day – didn’t want to give the game away).

Yes they are heart shaped – Shaataaaap

2. There are amazing deals on the snazzy foods in all the Supermarkets, so no matter if your with someone or not. Spoil yourself!

3. Or dance the night away in one of the many clubs and bars that are offering free drinks on entry. This is no day to ‘survive’ as so many columns are written about.

4. It’s an excuse to eat lots of choccy!

5. The cards are plain old hilarious – yes I have given in to consumerism, but hey-ho I even bought a communal one for my Office with a big box of choccy!

6. Spring is soon on the way and we can leave this dreadful winter behind us!

7. Did I mention all the chocolate?!

It is a love-ly day (geddit), so enjoy it. And if for no other reason, It’s Friday!


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