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Let’s be Honest

So let me fess up, I am not normally a socialite in fact my week often revolves around the free magazines I pick up on the way to and from work (Tuesdays: Timeout; Wednesday: Stylist (although has been missing as of late); & Fridays: Evening Standard (Last week was Deluxe?!)). And yes changes in this routine turn my life into utter dismay. So when I had the opportunity to go out for a meal not once but twice in one day! I grabbed it with both hands!

Lunch was at Itsu – a simple, fresh and healthy East Asian eat-in/take away restaurant, with everything from sashimi to chicken noodle soup available and all at an affordable price – always a winner.

2014-02-19 14.15.10
I went for a classic red velvet

Then we could not say no to a quick drop in at Lola’s cupcakes! Delicious hand crafted cupcakes in lots of different flavours and toppings with cute little mini versions for those of you watching your figure or if you’re too full for a whole one and don’t have anyone to share with/have a Joey complex.

After being suitably full we said our goodbyes and my friends carried on their tour of London on the fantastic Original Bus tours, whilst I went back to work for the afternoon. Then when the hour for dinner was approaching I tottered up to King’s Cross to meet two of my lovely Uni friends for a good ol’ fashioned catch up over a burger. I had read about this place in one of my magazines (Timeout to be precise).

In we went to Honest, a little burger joint laid out over two floors, the lower floor with booths and two longer tables all looking into the kitchen. The upper floor made up of smaller tables. Very cosy atmosphere, really buzzing but still quiet enough to hear everyone at the table. London is rushing by the windows, flashes of red as the buses fly past; but luckily we were all cooped up in this warm restaurant rather than the nippy air outdoors.

As soon as we bustled in the door we were warmly greeted and assured we were to be seated within one minute. Which wasn’t far off at all, pretty good for a busy evening in a restaurant that has a no reservation policy.

The menu for Honest burgers are simple, in design and content – but you get what you ask for and this is nothing short of heavenly. The burgers are beautifully cooked to medium rare – my favourite – all served along side rosemary salted chips. For those of you who know me, you will know I LOVE cheese, so the cheese topped option was the natural choice!

2014-02-19 19.05.01

Honest make their own cloudy lemonade – which again is delicious and presented in these adorable little masonry jars!

2014-02-19 18.58.39

Now as we were all feeling a bit gluttonous we  had a side order of onion rings, this we did share though!    2014-02-19 19.15.49

Perfectly crispy with red onions inside – bit of a break from tradition, yummy but not quite onion rings as you know them. 

This morning I found that on 3rd March Honest will be releasing an Alcoholic burger?! What?

Yes, they have paired with the infamous Brewdog to produce a boozy burger and a new beer to accompany it! Well if there weren’t enough reasons, that’s an excuse for me to return!


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