Hangover cures

This morning I woke up a little bleary eyed grabbed a nearby blanket and padded down stares and got to work on this master piece: SONY DSC

The be all and end all of all of breakfasts when your feeling worse for ware. Accompanied by the wonder that is Coca-cola!SONY DSC

Now whilst I was consuming all of this slowly feeling human again Wilma was giving me a look of “you are plain ridiculous, snap out of it and take me for a walk!”SONY DSC

I know what you’re thinking, Wilma is so intelligent when she pipes up and I can do nothing but agree with that! So now I am feeling quite dapper again.

So Hangover cures in Summary:

  1. Eggs and plenty of them – jam packed with amino acid goodness
  2.  Coca cola or Ginger beer
  3. Drink plenty of water
  4. have a good ol’ fashioned pep talk from your pet – or should I call it a ‘Pet Talk’
  5. Get out in the fresh air

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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