Baking bonanza!

This is now my mantra, after 40 long days sans Chocolate, I am welcoming it back into my life with open arms!

Easter Sunday began the only way I know how, with eggs and soldiers! There’s something magical about buttered toast with runny yolks. Offer me a bit of bread and butter and I wouldn’t look twice, but as soon as it’s been blasted with heat to form a crispy, hot piece of toast loaded with butter and drenched in molten amber yolk It’s lucky to last longer than 10 seconds.

Once every last bit of my egg and soldiers was consumed, I moved on to the real business of the day – Chocolate! Ladling great spoonfuls of nutella, again onto toast.

Baking is one of my favourite things to do when I have a few hours to spare and am buzzing from a sugar high. On went the apron, out came the mixing bowls and the oven was set to 180. First up were some tasty little lemon bars, from the hummingbird bakery cookbook. I am a super, mega, massive fan of hummingbird! Some recipes are fresh and exciting, although not all that ground breaking, I think that’s why they are so good, their familiar and comforting.

Next up was something not so simple, I tried my hand at choux pastry, the stuff that haunts the nightmares of Great British Bake Off contestants everywhere!

Instead of boring you with pictures of ingredients and a step by step recipe, I will show you the ingenious works of Wes Anderson, the critically acclaimed film director and screen write, has put his talent to another work of art…

The making of Courtesan au chocolat. Crisp, light choux buns stacked high upon one another filled with a smooth, creamy chocolate crème patissiere!


Seeing as this was my first ever attempt at choux pastry and crème patissiere, I stuck close to the recipe – even weighing the ingredients – trust me, this is a rarity when I am in the kitchen! However, if you are feeling a little more adventurous, I could imagine this would be divine with coarse sea salt running through the crème pat, or orange zest in the choux! I’m definitely going to have a toy around with this recipe!

Tomorrow I am tempted to make some chocolate brownies and a healthy twist on chocolate truffles for a little get together at mine – can you tell I haven’t had chocolate for 40 days?



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