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Natural History and Fairytales

I know, I have been a terrible blogger as of late. But I promise it’s not for the sake of neglecting this little munchkin, just because I have been a busy little bee this week. With a fun filled Easter and a delayed Easter egg hunt on Thursday it’s been all go.

Well I best hop to it with this post (tehe).

Last night, my lovely boyfriend and I went along to the Natural History Museum for the mastercard lates. I have been meaning to attend a museum lates for literally years now! They run the last Friday of every month (except December) from 6pm-10:30pm. And it was just as amazing as expected. 2014-04-25 18.09.55

The Natural History Museum is one of my favourite museums in London anyway, so being able to explore the halls at night just makes it that bit more magical. The great hall being illuminated in orange, jazz music floating around the room and the smell of pulled pork burgers wafting in the air.

Whilst the pop-up drinks and food dispensaries were setting up we took the opportunity to nosey around the museum. Even though we’ve probably been there more time than we can count, being able to go around a museum out of normal hours just brings a whole new element. So off we went looking at the bones of dinosaurs and the giant sloth, finally through to the birds finding the funniest Latin names, before we had to turn and follow our noses to the food.


And let me tell you it was delicious. What is it that makes pulled pork so much better than regular pork?! Yes I know, its been lovingly steeped in flavour in a tedious cooking process that cause us mere humans to flock to it like a god, praising it’s succulent flavours and tender consistency. It was lovingly nestled in a brioche bun, with a sugary hit that that just kick’s any other burger bun’s butt! These little beauties were slowly deavoured to the last crumb accompanied by satisfied mmm’s.


Once the dream like haze of the burgers had worn off, it was time for us to scoot on in to the Britain: One Million Years of the Human story. I would highly recommend to anyone with the slightest interest in the developments of humans today. With videos doted throughout the exhibition. Knowledge that animals we now associate with the plains of Africa roamed the UK is mind boggling and amazing. It’s like being a child and hearing about dragons and unicorns all over again. Your imagination takes you away with it all into a flurry and before you know it an hour has passed, which even though it is a relatively small exhibition, can easily be done.

2014-04-25 19.52.24

When I was booking the tickets for the NHM I saw there was a survey on Bluebells, so that scientists have data on the blooming of Bluebells across the country. It is absolutely amazing this year how much earlier all flowers have bloomed. Bluebells being one of them. With that in mind I thought I had better take a walk in the Bluebell woods to catch a glimpse before they fade away till next year.


Today was one of those days where the clouds look painted on to the sky, there were smatterings of April showers throughout the day, but as my morfar says “There is no bad weather, just bad clothes.” After getting caught out in ‘bad clothes’ on a mid-afternoon jog, I quickly changed pulled on a wax jacket and headed out to see the bluebell carpets in the ancient woods. It was a sea of bluey-violet across the woodland floor. Making it just picture perfect!


Going to the wood’s always gets me thinking of pixies and fairies, that littered my childhood from The Faraway Tree to the works of Elsa BeskowYou could imagine them tailoring hats and skirts from the delicate Bluebell flowers, whilst they giggled along to a babbling brooke. Sometimes if you stay ever so still and take it all in you may just hear one… But then again it could just be a little rabbit.



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