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Patty & Bun

Now I don’t know about you, but I love a good list. To do lists, bucket list and better yet a foodie bucket list. So when a girlie dinner was suggested I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and took the girls to Patty&Bun .
Patty&Bun is a snazzy little burger joint with only two restaurants, both in London. We picked the James street location out of convenience.


It’s nestled along a busy strip of restaurants and cafes with people pouring out onto the street, scattered across alfresco tables for optimum people watching.
James street has a very European feel to it, you’d never believe your literally one turn away from Oxford street.

The menu is simple in a good way, not five guys takeaway style simple (although these guys do takeaway too *drools over prospect of lunch burger*).

It lays out the main events front and centre, sides and desserts.
Take a peak:

The burgers are great juicy beasts in a soft brioche bun arriving lovingly wrapped in greaseproof paper. I went for a side of rosemary salted chips, but had to admit defeat and share (no regrets). Sorry for the lack of pictures on the food front, but I pretty much inhaled it!

Now if the food wasn’t amazing enough to win you over, a carafe of wine is £10!!! That you cannot grumble about!

The boys who run between tables can’t do enough for you, without being in your face.

A great little gem that I’m dying for a reason to go back!

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5 thoughts on “Patty & Bun

      1. There’s one in Hoxton and one in Clapham North. It’s insane! I always get a bacon, cheeseburger… I can’t believe there were times when I wouldn’t put bacon on a burger… so weird. But in my opinion it trumps MeatLiquor, Burger and Lobster, Bar Boulud etc. The only one I’ve had that’s come close was the Admiral Codrington one but their chef’s gone…

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