Hello Autumn

The first of September.

A soggy Monday afternoon I arrived home, slipped on my wellies, grabbed a trug, a loyal dog and ventured back out into the weather.

We trudged along hedgerows and collecting what Autumn had to offer, nibbling a few along the way.

We came back soaking wet, grubby faced and with an overflowing trug of Autumn goodies.
England is at its best with Autumn produce, and foraging is a great way of getting some much needed vitamins!
I’m always on the look out for new foods to forage for, my favourites that can easily be found in England are:

Apples are a versatile fruit, ranging from a savoury chutney to a sweet jam and being eaten whole, used in baking and so much more.

The black beauty that is the blackberry
Blackberries and apples are a match made in heaven when combined in the God given dessert that is bramble crumble! A jar or 2 of bramble jam won’t go a miss either (makes blackberries go much further and much easier to get a good thick jam).

Now elderberries aren’t for everyone. They are slightly smokey in flavour, but they are packed full of immune boosting vitamin C – so I got to making some smokey elderberry syrup packed with cinnamon and cloves, ready to ward off the colds ahead.


These are just poking their heads out from under their leafy capes. Not quite brave enough to meet the gaze of the Sun till later September, early October.


Now this is something that many people don’t know much about. They look similar to a small apple. A yellow/red colour when ripe. The main difference? They grow on bushes and are far more tart, but delicious as a chutney or jam!

Now I am not a huge rosehip fan, but I have vivid memories of making ‘nypon soppa’ or ‘rosehip soup’, with my mum. This wasn’t the tastiest of foods, often eaten cold, but apparently full of goodness. However, there is fun to be found when you tear into a rosehip. And please be careful if you are handling with bare hands, as they are chock full of itching powder!

Happy Foraging and let me know about any more of natures goodies!


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