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A weekend in the B-E-A-U-tiful Bath

After a long Friday at work I scampered out of the office as fast as my little legs could take me and climbed aboard the train towards Paignton, to join the family at the Bishopsthrow hotel.

The streets of London melted away into the sweeping hills of the Wiltshire countryside, filled with sheep, horses and frolicking calves under the watchful eyes of their mothers.

Once at Westbury it’s a short drive through beautiful limestone villages, full to the brim with pubs of various descriptions.



The Bishopstrow House is not much short of a mansion, as you approach through the tree laden drive way.
You could easily loose yourself in the winding corridors (and we did once or twice). The dinners we had here were presented beautifully, well cooked, but in some cases required a little extra seasoning.
However, when it comes to breakfast you will certainly walk away with a large smile and tummy to match. The pastries were melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Exquisite cooked breakfasts of varying kinds from full Wiltshire breakfast to porridge. Not forgetting the array juices and freshly brewed teas and coffees brought to your table in steaming metal pots.


Our first day was spent running around Bath city centre, learning about the history from this frightfully happy chap on the city sight seeing tour bus. – Would you believe where Bath now stands used to be a tropical sea, however this is not the reason for the natural hot baths.

Bath hop on hop off1-IMG_1690

These are great to give you a general feel for a city, a good overhead view into the shops, across the panoramic views and the perfect opportunity for people like my mother and I to pick out our favourite dream homes.


We opted for the Skyline route to start trekking up into the surrounding hills of Bath and winding down past Ralph Allen’s opulent Prior park house and the quaint district of Widcombe.

Sally Lunn's

Sally Lunn's Buns

A trip to bath, for an avid Great British Bake Off addict like myself, would not be complete without a visit to Sally Lunns Buns! I bribed the famo into the early queue, with the promise of being treated to Afternoon tea. We were not disappointed when ‘buns’ the size of your head came in topped with melting cinnamon butter, arriving smelling like Christmas. Accompanied by tea, aptly described by Dr Johnson as a tea which ‘amuses the evening, solaces at midnight and welcomes the morning.’

4-IMG_17272-IMG_1714 1-IMG_1757

With tummy’s full of goodness we climbed aboard the second of our tours around the city. Giving you an insight into the feud between Bath and HRH Queen Victoria up to the more recent location of Les Miserables where Javier jumps to his end.

Putlney bridge selfie

The covered market across from Pultney bridge is precious, crammed full of stalls of beautiful home-made trinkets, jewellery and souvenirs.

After a spot of shopping in the newly renovated southgate district we hot footed it back to Bishopstrow for a quick gym and swim before dinner, drinks and sinking into our uber soft beds.

Awakening to the thought of our final day was rather sad, but having a deep tissue massage to look forward to still kept a smile on my face. We jumbled all our belongings back into our bags and piled it into the car, before capturing a few family snaps.

And of course a trip to Wiltshire wouldn’t be complete without a stop to see a white horse.


We decided a nice country road dawdle home was the perfect way to end the weekend, stopping at countryside pubs and garden centres along the way.


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