The Carrie Diaries

Like many ladies of my age, I quickly progressed from the likes of Sabrina the Teenage witch and Saved by the Bell to Sex and the City. Imagining a grown up lifestyle like Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte.

The Carrie diaries is the perfect bridge for the – to quote Britney “not a girl, not yet a woman” stage in all females lives. Even though it has had a lot of bad press, including SJP herself saying it was a bit odd, I enjoyed it. Full of teenage angst, supplied by Carrie’s younger sister Dorrit; terrible 80’s fashion and hair so big you could build a home in it.

It’s quirky and slightly awkward, which those middle years always are. The script isn’t all that amazing, with some terrible clichéd lines, for example: ‘Maybe it was the champagne or the dancing. Or maybe it was the realisation that I might have just lost my innocence…my virginity. But not to the guy I had hoped. To a different man…Manhattan.’ However, the feel of the show is fabulous, with a great story of Carrie finding her way into NYC and slowly unravelling all her quirks that we have learnt to love in SATC.
Unfortunatley it hasn’t come to the UK yet and there are rumours that it may not due to being canned after then second season in the US, however there have been showings in other European countries and how’s about Netflix? – here’s hoping!


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