The color run

So we can all safely say Autumn is well and truly here.
England has fled behind it’s dreary curtain and I’m finding it increasingly difficult to part with my bed in the cold dark mornings.

To wave away the last of summer a I got together with a few friends in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and took part in the color run, deemed “the happiest 5k on the planet”.
DSC06224 DSC06231 DSC06235 DSC06237 DSC06238
Pink, Yellow, Orange and Blue paint was thrown at us as we weaved our way through hundreds of other happy runners, chuckling along the way.
Costumed people danced n and out of the runners, whilst music was blasted from each colour station.
When all was said and run, the festival really got going, everyone was handed a bag full of colour and were thrown in time with the music.
Paint covered drummers walked through the crowds, as people lined up for something to fill their grumbling stomachs. If nothing took your fancy there, you can always hop on over to Statford Westfields shopping centre’s food hall, where there are a multitude of food stalls.

There are plenty all over the UK and the US, so click the links to find your nearest color run!

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