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London: Tower of London

Having lived in London for most of my life, you tend to leave out the “touristy” things, apart from the classic school trips to museums. Once I moved further into London for uni and having acquired friends who hadn’t lived here I started to venture further than the Natural history museum (even though it’s still my firm favourite).

Now working in central I like to make the most of my surroundings, taking lunch trips around town to galleries, museums and exhibitions. One of these trips was to the lovely poppies at the Tower of London.


There are 888,246 poppies swirling around the Towers moat, individually ‘planted’ to commemorate each British fatality of WW1.


Each evening at sunset the last post is played live amongst the poppies – which I must go back for!


If the poppies, the majesty of the crown Jewels and a Picturesque view of the pointiest building in London aren’t enough reason to get your hiney down to the Tower, alongside are three prowling lions made of wire. They make up part of the interactive Royal Beasts exhibition, giving the 600 year history of the Tower of London till 1832 when it housed many exotic animals from Lions to Elephants to Ostriches.

The poppies are on display until 11th November and the Royal Beast exhibition is hanging about a little longer, till 2021.


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