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Icebar, London

I’ve always wanted to visit the Ice bar. What better reason than my birthday?! or more accurately my birthweek. J, K and I decided to get out of the chilly winters night in London, cosy up in their iconic blue capes and ski style gloves and plunge into sub zero temperatures.

The ice sculptures are frequently changed in the Ice bar, reflecting the theme. On our visit the theme was ‘frozen food’.
Exploring the bar and surrounds is so much fun spotting all the little details.

You get 45 minutes to explore and sip your drink from hollowed block of ice, which is included in your entrance fee.

The cocktails are truly delicious, even if they are pre-mixed in great vats, you don’t get the majestic bar tricks of a cocktail bar, but the taste quickly make these thoughts subside.

You get to peruse the cocktail menu in another bar area before you enter the main event, but here’s a sneak peak, because if you’re anything like me you’ll need the extra time to make up your mind.
Luckily the drinks are split up by spirit, so if there is anything that does not mix well with you, it’s quick to cross it off the list, alongside a healthy number of mocktails thrown in for good measure.


As you can see it’s not your standard ice sculptures and it is quite amazing how many sculptures they managed to fit into a relatively confined space.
My favourite sculpture was definitely the bar itself, shaped like an ice cream truck, you could even sit in the drivers seat!

DSC06631 DSC06630

So whether it’s a cold winters night or a hot summers evening, Icebar is a bit of a show stopper. I was slightly underwhelmed by the size, but the service was prompt and the ice itself was pretty spectacular.


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4 thoughts on “Icebar, London

  1. Looks like an awesome time! Something that’s always been on my bucket list. I also really want to stay in the Icehotel in Sweden (I think there are others, but that’s the main one I know of).

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