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Wahaca, Southbank

I am so sorry that it’s taken me a while to get this post out to you. I suddenly got reminded whilst admiring my growing chilli plant, but I will get back to why that’s related at the end.

When my cousin was popping over for a visit in June, I thought there’s nothing much better than sitting alongside the river with a cool breeze on a hot day. So we trotted down to Southbank and paid Wahaca a visit, with its large doors open on to let the summer breeze flow through as you take up the sport of people watching southbank.Wahaca view

I’ll warn you now, there can be quite a queue in the summer, but they are very efficient and wafting you up the stairs to the bar with a buzzer to indicate when your table is ready. After just having chance to order our drinks we were buzzed along to our table.

hibiscus mojito Modelo Especial

We got a perfect spot overlooking the river, with just enough breeze to keep you cool. I know it’s difficult to remember, but we do get the fantastic phenomenon called heat in the summer and this was one of those sweltering days.

wahaca southbank

There are lots of options from the comprehensive menu. So if you’re a Joey Tribiani and don’t share food the burrtios are divine and a good hardy portion. Whilst if you’re a bit indecisive like me, grab some friends, choose three things each from the street menu and get to nibble on the plethora before you.

We ordered Pork pibil tacos, Steak tacos, black bean & cheese quesadillas, chorizo & potato quesadillas and a corn and bean salad.

Pork pibil tacos were by far my favourite (below).

Pork pibil tacos

But then again the rest was wolfed down before I even managed to take a snap.

After all your feasting, promise me you’ll take a peak at the pudding menu? Even if you don’t have any room (we all know there’s always room for pudding). Unfortunately they do not have the chilli chocolate cake any more, but the chocolate tres leche cake, sounds mouth-wateringly delicious and tempting me into another visit ASAP, and you cannot go far wrong with churros covered in chocolate!

The service here is fantastic, and this is where we go full circle. When you are handed your bill you also get a little matchbox of chilli seeds to plant and grow at home. I cannot wait till my chilli’s are full grown to start recreating some of the Mexican recipes!

So here’s hoping for some summer nights like these please, preferably soon?

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