The Theory of Everything

January is the month of film watching, the days are dark, the weather cold and it’s all leading up to film season, meaning some of the best films of the year will be on offer.

Earlier this month I went to see The Theory of Everything and was absolutely blown away. There have been a handful of films depicting Hawking, but nothing like this. Acting as someone who is still alive is difficult enough, but when they are one of the most intelligent people on this planet, it goes beyond the average film.

Eddie Redmayne was fantastic in this. You were fully sucked in within the first five minutes, believing every word, as if you were watching Professor Hawking himself through his life. I was swept away, forgetting completely that I was in the cinema and felt as though I was meeting Stephen Hawking personally, rather than the name plastered across astronomy.

It is no secret that physics isn’t a strong point of mine, but since watching The Theory of Everything I am going to have to read his book.

It has been well documented by Hawkings own students that this is an accurate portrayal of the great man, getting his humour and his simplistic way of explaining his genius.

But please do not forget about Felicity Jones, her depiction of Jane Wilde and her love towards Hawking was exceptional. Struggling through with two children, no help and husband requiring constant assistance could not have been easy. You truly feel for both parts of the marriage.

Now I don’t want to give anything away, but it is no wonder The Theory of Everything has been nominated for so many awards. So please go and watch it, make up your own mind and let me know what you think!


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