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Shake Shack, Covent Garden

Having heard several blogs and friends praising the work of Shake shack I thought it was high time I bustled through the crowds with a good friend in tow and plenty to talk about as the queues are notorious.

Luckily we hit Covent Garden on a Tuesday evening, which was busy but by no means a queue of any substance. We trawled through the menu eagerly, spotting they even have treats for any four legged friends – immediately putting them high in my book.

We both fell head over heels for the description of the smokeshack burger and opted to share some cheesy fries, seeing as most burgers are of generous size in London now’a days.

The service was prompt being handed a buzzer that no sooner had we found a spot to take in the music from the lower courtyards had it gone off and a lovely chap even brought our orders to our table, which was a pleasant surprise.


However portions were on the small side, which was slightly disappointing. What it lacked in quantity it soon made up for in quality and P would be glad to know they don’t do brioche buns, which most of London is going crazy for – I do love a good brioche bun, but these were just as delicious, but more traditional than their French counterpart.
I am a huge advocate of cheesy fries, but please do not get these, the cheese is not so dissimilar to the slab of plastic that accompanies cheap burger kits and only half warm – not good, I want them piping hot cheese melting onto the chips due to the radiating heat not a quick blast in the microwave and certainly expect more from the price!

Shake shack are doing extremely well and the burgers are of good quality, but just that little bit more expensive than your average burger joint. If the portion sizes were just that tad bit bigger, I would have been happier.

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