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Bageriet, London

Footsteps away from the hustle and bustle of Leicester square is my new favourite cafe.
A Diagon Alley-esque passage leads you to the warm welcome of the cosiest cafe in London, Bageriet.
Bageriet is a Swedish cafe, literally translating to the Bakery, was set up in 2013 by Sven-Gunnar Appelgren Daniel Karlsson a Swedish trained pastry chef, the ladies behind the counter are super friendly and fluent in Swedish – go on test them I dare you!

I know there are quite a few Swedish bakeries/cafes/lunch spots around town, but I have not had the time to take myself to any of them. Before meeting C for dinner I had spotted Bageriet as I was trudging through the rain with time to kill and I am so glad I did.

The array of sweet treats is immense; the gorgeousness that is open meatball sandwiches with beetroot and apple salad and homemade bread of various sorts to take home.

If there is one thing in Sweden that is heralded almost as highly as vodka it’s coffee and these guys do not let them down. I wasn’t feeling particularly Swedish so got a latte, but if you are go for a straight up black coffee. Now it would be rude not to accompany this by one of their huge selection of baked goods, made on the premises every morning I went for a cocostopp which is essentially a delicious buttery coconut sponge and it was groan worthy – yes it was that good.

So if you find yourself anywhere near Rose Street (London WC2E 9EA) do pop in and give them a try.
Pretty please try the princess tårta – something I have religiously on my Birthday, without fail.


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3 thoughts on “Bageriet, London

    1. Princess tårta is the most delicious marriage of cream, creme patissiere, raspberry compote and vanilla sponge as fluffy as a cloud! In essence it is perfection!

      Plus, we are the HP generation! Viva la Harry!


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