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Wicked, London

The winter months are definitely a thriving time for the theatre, bustle out of work into the warm embrace of a cocktail or two with friends. Then to escape the dark and dreary nights, emerse yourself into an alternate universe.

For N’s Birthday celebrations we scuttled of to watchWicked.

Wicked, Ns Birthday

This has been showing at the Apollo Victoria, since 2006 and you can see why it’s been going strong.

As soon as you enter you are emersed into the emerald city. The foyer is bathed in green light with stalls selling souvenirs, drinks and snacks scattered around.

When my mum and I came to watch Wicked a few years ago, we popped upstairs to the cocktail bar and tried a themed cocktail each. One word – delicious (although I probably should say they were wicked).

On this occasion we were pre-tippled, dined and ready to unwind.

Wicked has to be one of my favourite musicals, it leaves your spirits lifted with a new perspective on the world, some may even say you are defying gravity? With melodies stuck in your head, you’ll find yourself humming along for days after.

As soon as you arrive at your seats there is an intricate map of both familiar and unknown places for you to giggle over before the curtain lifts and the show begins.

Wicked is a great flip on the classic story The Wizard of Oz, these ‘other side’ tales have been having a real revival with all things from Alice in Wonderland to Sleeping Beauty giving us an alternate spin on things (and yes I am extremely excited for Emma Watson in the remake of Beauty and the Beast).

Wicked gives the back story to the Wicked witch of the west and Glinda; how they met; how they became who we thought we knew and a few empowering ballads along the way.

There are plenty of ways to get tickets for Wicked. If you’re brave you’ll go to the box office on the day you want to go hoping they’ll have a few spare tickets going cheap. For those of you, like me who come up in a hot sweat with the lack of organisation in the first way, would book through, we got fantastic seats in the centre for a fraction of the price, I mean just look at our smiling faces!

I could not recommended it enough – so fly off and see it my pretties!


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