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Cahoots, London

The latest watering hole, for all rationed scoundrels to congregate, have a cheeky tipple and Charleston all night long!

Now as this is 1940’s rationed Britain we can’t go shouting about it, but if you kindly ask the gentleman in kingly court below this sign, you may just get in.

If you’re planning on bringing quite the group you’d best book in advance as seats go as fast as the rations here.

You descend into a room with a fantastically jolly train conductor, who we’d have happily taken in with us, had he not been on duty.

The final barrier being whoever may be watching the door that night with the widest smile you have possibly seen weaving you through to the bar.

You would never guess it was hard times as the cocktail list goes on through a whole newspaper! It may take you a while to pick your favourites but I can highly recommend any of the starlets cocktails and the keep mam and carry on. All deliciously fresh and fruity. The Vera Lynn even comes in a particularly fetching glass, if you are one for the photo ops!

The service is attentive and the girls are beautifully dressed in pinup style shorts through to atonement like dresses, so definitely one for the people watching too. As soon as your seated the ladies quickly make sure you have a glass of water and a tin of popcorn to nibble at whilst spilling your secrets.

Every inch is thoroughly thought through right down to the toilets with war news reports over the wire and newspapers plastered across the walls.

It’s truly spectacular leaving you fixed with a Cheshire cat grin whilst taking in the glamour, you can even join in as 1940’s dress is highly encouraged!

I couldn’t help to ring the news high and low…

But I can trust you with this secret right? As the conductor said, keep it under your hat, mums the word!
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P.s. Sorry for my poor quality pictures, poor lighting and mobiles are not the best of friends…


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