Mr Foggs… Again!

Now I know I’ve told you about this spiffy little spot before, but they’ve added whistles and bells and I couldn’t just sit back and hold my tongue now could I?!

On 15th April they will be opening their botanical garden sponsored by Hendrick’s gin and if there’s one thing I like more than a good cocktail it’s a snazzy little spot amongst some greenery to soak in the sun as you sip!

Now it’s quite a modest garden, a small patio in fact, but if numbers are limited I’m sure it will become extremely desirable.

Again on my latest visit service was exquisite and there is more than a conversation starter in every nook ‘nd cranny! We all choose a cocktail of choice and got down to some good old fashioned chin wagging whilst admiring the new additions in the menu and food!

Joelle had the Maidens blush, Harriet the Henrietta and I went for the Trans-Siberian. They are all sugar lovers dreams so best not to have too many! The Maidens blush had a cheeky dash of absinthe mixed with raspberry jam, making for a liquified liquorice allsorts – which is amazing in my book and made me quite green!
The Henrietta still as sweet as I remember, whilst the cinnamon cradles you with warmth, it’s like a sophisticated vodka cranberry.
The Trans-Siberian Express said to be the sweetest, was again a fruity mix, this time creme de framboise, lemon juice and pineapple, topped with champagne, darling. This concoction was the perfect balance not too sweet, but cutting the dryness often accompanied by champagne.

Mr Foggs has introduced a few bar snacks to keep you satisfied. Either coming by bowl, by spear in the form of a trusted sandwich or a patisserie!

Next time I talk about Mr Foggs I hope to inform you I’ve been to one of their legendary Tipsy Tea’s! If anyone’s been do tell me all about it! And if not, let’s book a date!


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