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Wellington Arch Memorial, London

Between Green Park and Hyde Park, planted in the middle of a round about you’ll find a great little spot for a bird’s eye view over the Royal parks.

Wellington Arch was originally a point of controversy topped with a disproportionally large statue of the Duke of Wellington, before the quadriga sculpture that crowns the Arch today. If you’re a bit of a history buff or love the blue circles of trivial history dotted about London, it may be of interest that the Wellington Memorial is Apsley house, the dukes London residence. I highly recommend taking a stroll around the first floor, where plans, plasters and pictures map out it’s history.

Patter up the next flight of stairs where the piece de resistance awaits.

Emerging out on top you will find London at your feet, watching the people going by through the parks, peaking over the Queen’s garden wall to see what the gardeners are up to or across to the London eye winking in the sunlight. Above you now is the angel of peace descending on the quadriga of war, the sculpture itself is a work of art on it’s own.


You know me, I’m a sucker for anything with a view!


The stone pillars above are the memorial pillars, in place for the five million people from the Indian Sub-Continent, Africa and the Caribbean who served or lost their lives in the two World Wars. They also celebrate the contribution that these men and women and their descendants continue to make to the rich diversity of British society. Each engraved with the areas which they represent and on special occasions the urns topping each pillar are ablaze.

This peaceful haven above the hustle and bustle of London is quite the sun trap too. So now I’m thinking, this would be a perfect spot for lunch al fresco, watching the busy bees of London whirl around your feet.

It’s the perfect place to take in the sights, the history and a good bit of people watching above the crowds, for both tourists and locals alike.


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