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Le petit cafe, London

It’s a rainy day in London you see a little cafe like out of a film… Well Aristicats to be precise. My heart fills with joy at the thought of Disney so this was already in the good books. The rain only added to the mood, watching the umbrellas pass in a blur and the street lights construed in the puddles.

We popped in for lunch, imagining French food would be on offer, a la Aristocats. However, we were quite surprised by the platters of Italian breads, salumis and other panini fillings strewn before us. The combinations available are scrawled on glass above the counter. The two italians working in a conveir belt to produce a panini bursting open with all manner of fillings are jolly faced and work quickly so stand aside or beware the traditional Italian shouting.

First you choose what bread takes your fancy, then the assembly begins, for me it was all about the salt beef. The bread was slathered in mustard, pickles sprinkled on top and carved salt beef layered on top.

Don’t miss the cooler behind you, stuffed with Italian drinks, some familiar, some new variations – like the lemon and mint San peligrino, absolutely delicious and so refreshing! Definitely one to keep in mind for hot summer picnics. Actually you could pick up the whole lot at plonk yourself down in a nice spot at either Berkley square or Green Park and bask in the sun that we’ve been blessed with in London as of late!

If you are lucky enough to live, work or be passing through Mayfair on a such a day then I would pop into the le petit cafe, if I were you.

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