Transun | Top 3 Bucket list destinations

Wanderlust is a bug that catches us all in the end, maybe some won’t be infected as badly as others, some may only want to travel within their own region or country, whilst others want to explore the four corners of the earth and back again.

Transun are offering up a travel experience of a lifetime, with an all expenses paid trip to the beautiful Northern lights in exchange for bloggers top 3 destinations on their bucket list – the competition closes 30th April so get your entries in!
Now I know there will be 100’s if not 1000’s of entries, but it’s a fun thing to write about, plus reading the others have got me all kinds of excited imaginary planning journeys for years to come!

I’ll have to admit, my travel list is probably as long as your arm doubled, but I’ve had a go at narrowing it down to three of my bucket list travel to-do’s.

Explore Petra, Jordan
An abandoned city, cut from solid rose-red rock, makes you almost believe that Atlantis may still be found as it was only 1812 that the western world became aware of what is now one of the seven wonders of the world. The history, skilled architecture and dramatic colour has made it a staple in many travellers bucket list. The mysterious road to the hidden city through mountains narrow passages make it an even more exciting location to add.

Seeing Oranutans in Borneo
Being submerged in to an alternate culture, natural, unspoilt and home to one of the cutest primates known to man. I have longed to go to Borneo for a while. I’d love to do ecotourism, experience the true lifestyle of Borneo, uncovering the variety of wildlife, imaging I’m an explorer like Wallace or Darwin, unlocking the secrets of evolution through the weird and wonderful creatures native to the floating green oasis.

Experience the Aurora Borealis
Well of course I would love to go to the northern lights, that’s why I’ve entered. But also for the amazing wildlife that can survive in such cold temperatures. This is a bit of a cheat third as I can mention both Iceland and Finland (well any of the northern regions of Scandinavia really) in this one – all great viewing spots for the Aurora and a huge array of adventures to be had, be it sledging or relaxing in hot geizers…

Now even as I’ve written this I’m re-thinking it all and itching to write about 101 other destinations on my list, plus the stunning places I’ve already visited.

If you’d like to read others or want to enter, have a read here.


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