A Funny Kind of Love

On Monday night Emerald street (a daily email which lets you in on all of London’s best kept secrets) invited me and a friend down to a pre-release screening at the Charlotte Street Hotel, in deepest darkest Fitzrovia. The Hotel has a lot to offer with delicious food, drinks and even it’s own private cinema, boasting a film club every Friday night.

The slate board outside makes it seem quite expensive at £35 for 80’s classics. However, once you find out each film is followed by a three course meal in the Oscar restaurant, it seems pretty reasonable!

There is room for up to 200 people in the cinema. Plush comfortable chairs line each row, with enough room for both elbows beautifully splayed at whatever angle takes your fancy. A far cry from the cramped cinema seats of old, where you need to do the numb bum wriggle every 20 minutes just to get through the film.

Anyway back to what we went for A Funny Kind of Love – launched as ‘The little death’ in Australia.

This is the directorial debut of Josh Lawson (you may know him from a little ol’ Film called Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues), with the dynamic Aussie comedy documenting the lives of 5 ‘couples’, uncovering their own intimate secrets. Now, I use couples loosely, but you’ll find out what I mean when you watch it.

It goes into the romantic issues between the couples in a light hearted manner with refreshing unpredictability. Meanwhile the new neighbour tries to introduce himself to the street in a rather unconventional manner. A truly original take on the over-played rom-com category. Relationship Taboos are faced head on, whilst avoiding the ‘edgy’ melodramatics often accompanying indie films.

I would definitely recommend a watch if you want a good giggle over some wine – if you enjoyed Love Actually you are going to love this!

A funny kind of love is released in the UK 8th May, watch the trailer here.


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