Sensational Butterflies at the Natural History Museum

It’s fascinating that by calling it a butterfly or a moth the change in people’s reaction to these small be-winged critters. In many cases you may well be staring happily at a ‘butterfly’ when it is in fact a moth.

The easiest way to tell the difference between the two is all in the antennae!
Butterflies have club-shaped, whilst moths have feathery ‘saw-edged’ antennae.

The Sensational Butterfly exhibition is back at the Natural History Museum, which has been running since 2009 and will be on until September this year, and hopefully many more years to come!

Well they’re kind of fibbing to you in the name there, as they have got a variety of moths meandering about too, but that may well sending you flying.

As you enter the tent the heat hits you and you are submerged into a tropical paradise of flora and the Lepidoptera (butterfly and moth) fauna.

This gorgeous little thing has translucent wings!

Even though it’s quite a small space the way the path wiggles around like a caterpillar, allowing for lots of space to roam amongst the flutterbies, spotting them all around.

I loved the chrysalises, different shapes, sizes and colours, all neatly rowed up, waiting their turn to emerge as butterflies.

The keepers in there are on hand for any itching questions you might have and point out fun behaviours.

When we visited the butterflies (and moths) were positively twitterpated, chasing and dancing about the room – they must know it’s spring *raises eyebrow*.

My friend had a huge majestic blue butterfly land on her, pretty much as soon as we entered, and to be quite frank I was rather jealous.

But, whilst I was checking myself in their handy little mirrors for any potential escapees hitching a ride on me, this little chap landed on me and made my day!

The price for an adult is £5.90, there is a voluntary donation of an extra 60p to help fund research, maintenance and exhibits around the Natural History Museum – when you can while away quite sometime, I don’t think this is outrageous! Here’s some more information about the exhibit and booking (n.b. you don’t need to pre-book, but would be advised for weekends and school holidays).

Now, the ones flying about you in the butterfly tent are exotic varieties, from Asia, Africa and South America. But, if you want to see what you can spot flying about your own garden, butterfly conservation have some guides on butterflies and daytime moths – I love taking pictures of the beautiful cabbage whites dancing amongst the flowers in the garden!


2 thoughts on “Sensational Butterflies at the Natural History Museum

  1. I enjoyed very much reading about your visit to the NHM and looking at all the beautiful butterfly pictures – I just love butterflies and also enjoy seeing them in my garden.

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