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Burger & Lobster, London

So, I went for dinner at this little place, you may have heard of it? It’s only the blogger holy grail, Burger & Lobster and all I can say is why have I not come sooner?

Having lived and studied in London and I’ve never been here? Bad Londoner, right?

So let’s get right into the nitty gritty of it, shell we? (tehe)

Off the busy Piccadilly, you’ll come down clarges street, following not only your nose but the stream of tourists.
Get there nice and early for dinner and you’ll be fine, as they don’t take reservations.

You’ll be seated and handed drinks menus. Yes, they don’t have food menus. With only 3 things on the menu your lovely waiter or waitress will quickly rattle off what’s available and remind you that the lobster roll contains just as much lobster as the lobster shells.

If you like a bit of hard liquor to wash it all down I highly recommend the drinks here, but be warned as the portions will show you, they don’t do anything by halves here. The Abfab was definitely something Edina and Patsy would pour their secrets over, darling!

After a few slurps on the cocktails our trays of food arrived. I went for the lobster roll a great brioche toast sliced through and stuffed with lobster meat marinated in Japanese burger sauce, accompanied by moreish fries and a fresh zingy salad. If you’re feeling particularly dirty you can further drench your lobster in a buttery rich chive sauce!

Yes the prices are quite high, but you aren’t going to get Lobster anywhere cheaper and the burgers are a whopping 10oz.

Go on, go on in for a final close up of the Lobster roll…

All in all happy I’ve experienced it and would recommend it for a fun night out to drink in the confused Victorian cross American diner cross Shoreditch interior and have a giggle with the staff, they are a real fun lot! However, probably not going to become a regular and not very accommodating to vegeterians, unless you’re only on the cocktails…

P.s. I visited burger & lobster Mayfair.

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