Georgina’s favourite London Restaurants

My name is Georgina and lovely Bonnie has given me a guest posting spot here on her blog today.

I’m here on behalf of Gaviscon, treatment for indigestion, and when do I get indigestion (and the occasional acid reflux) most? When I go out to eat! So to make it relevant and keep it fun, I’m going to write about a few of my favourite restaurants in London!


 Situated in Camden, hidden above the market, this place is a bit of a pain to get to for me because it’s the other side of London but I love it there so I make the journey!

Up an unsuspecting escalator at the entrance to the market, the venue is one of the most amazing places I have ever eaten in. Red lights and palm trees give it that tropical feel as well as the retractable roof to let the sun it when it’s shining. Wooden, carved booth, tables and chairs are so interesting and intricate. This place is pretty expensive but every now and again, it’s worth it.

The food is pan Asian and it is incredible – delicious to eat and delicious to look at, it is always so well presented. My favourite dish had to be their miso smoked sea bass which comes in a sweet sticky glaze, wrapped in a banana leaf. They also serve my favourite dessert ever – Banoffee Crumble.


Shake Shack 

I’m not usually a fast food kinda gal but I never turn down the opportunity for dinner at the Shake Shack. For fast food, it’s pretty good looking – the patty covered with oozing cheese, bright, leafy, green lettuce and fresh, red tomatoes. They are so delicious. The Shake Shack are my favourite place for a burger, although not to forget their crinkle cut cheese fries covered in that nacho style cheese. mmm. And when it comes to dessert, they have this thing called concrete – super hard, thick, custard type ice cream. They change the toppings weekly but last time I went they were in the middle of their sticky toffee concrete week. Perfect Timing. There are currently only two restaurants in the UK, one in Covent Garden and a brand new one in Westfield, Stratford which opened up just a month ago.



I’m not a fan of steak.. Unless we are going to Gaucho. It is the one and only place that I look forward to and enjoy steak. We don’t usually go for starters as I am much more interested in getting straight to the main and then dessert afterwards. They come around with all the different cuts of raw meat on a wooden board and talk you through where about on the cow they came from, the taste and fat content and how they are best cooked before you make your decision. I love the medallions – they are the smallest steak on the menu and even they are huge. Always cooked perfectly as you would expect from a steak restaurant covered in a thick sauce – béarnaise is usually my choice.

We have visited a few branches in London for special occasions as well as trying to go every few months when we get the chance. We’re due a visit as our latest venture was at the 02 for Valentine’s Day. We have also been to their Chancery Lane branch but our favourite one that we go back to again and again is the Piccadilly Circus branch – we even spent New Year’s Eve there. The decor has a very classy feel to it. All darkly lit with leather and cow skin seats and its one of those places that we love to get dressed up for!



This one is actually a two minute walk from where I used to live in Chigwell, Essex (There’s a Central Line station for that) although it’s very dressed up and you wouldn’t look out of place in 6 inch heels and a bodycon dress so we never walked there. Based in a 600 year old building, it’s a favourite among the TOWIE stars who we see the regularly and both my mine and my boyfriend’s number one favourite restaurant.

It’s a Turkish but unlike any other Turkish food we have ever eaten. Amazing quality meat comes served with a rainbow of salad and amazing sides. We have tried most of the starters and they are all delicious. Andrew always goes for the Sigara Boreig – Thin pastry filled with cheese & spinach – which come with a sweet chilli sauce but I like to go for something different every time. When it comes to mains, the Lamb Sheesh is so good that I rarely order anything else.

A special mention to the staff as well – they must recognise us now after the amount of time we spend at that place but each and every time, they are absolutely amazing. You can tell they are very experienced and know exactly what they are doing. If you’re in Essex, you must make a trip!


Where Are Your Favourite Places To Eat?


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