Top 5 TV Making Dads

Now this isn’t a normal post for me, it doesn’t revolve around food, travel or London, so I’m a bit out of my comfort zone. Joe’s Bloggers emailed me recently telling me I could be in a chance to win a Smart 3D Ultra 4k 48″ Curved LED TV in return for my Top 5 TV Dads, with Fathers day rapidly approaching and my dad’s complaints about not being able to see the tele rapidly increasing this was perfect timing.

Now, TV Making Dad’s have different credentials to real life dad’s. They need to be more flamboyant, gripping & the more drama that follows them, the more interesting they become – So, really they are all the things you DON’T really want your own dad to be!

Thought I’d best give you this bit of jargon, before you start questioning my relationship with my father and childhood happiness.

Deacon Claybourne – Nashville


Okay, actually an amazing Dad, crazy past filled with drugs, sex and Rock&Roll, but all-in-all a nice guy, turning things around. However, you can’t deny the drama sticks to him like stink to a skunk. He’s fantastic to watch and one of the reasons to keep me going back to watch.

Cameron Tucker – Modern Family


Hilarious in every way imaginable. I love him, his quick wit and his simplistic views on life, but I would hate him as a father. He is ridiculously flamboyant and overreacts to the smallest of thing. I mean he sat in a tree dressed as a cat?!

Tim the Toolman Taylor – Home Improvement


Orughhhh. That’s all I think when I hear Tim (the toolman) Taylor – yes, I can’t say his name without the ‘the toolman’ part. A  90’s cult classic and one of the highest rated sitcoms of the decade. Home Improvement follows the trials and tribulations of a TV show host – most of these happening at home with his wife and three sons. See, picture quality doesn’t have to be great for a great show – but it helps!

Lucious Lyon – Empire


The good bad guy. The guy everyone hates to love. Being affected by a life threatening illness, son’s that can’t stand to be in the same room and a prison bird of an ex-wife demanding half his company are only part of the fun being Lucious Lyon. He’s fierce, courageous and won’t let anyone dampen his roar, so you could say he lives up to his name.

 Tywin Lannister – Game of Thrones


The ultimate when it comes to bad father awards, his legacy is his driving force and happily will forfeit his own sons life to obtain his goal. Even with his heartfelt lines about family scattered through Game of Thrones, it’s the Lannister name that fills him with pride and he was never shy to tell his children what a disappointment they are to him. Game of Thrones on a 3D TV, wow, that’s some next level gore right there!

Which Dads make the TV worth watching for you?


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