What to wear when visiting places of worship (in the heat)

Dressing for religious places is relatively easy in cooler temperatures, but as soon as some heat comes, the last thing you want is to cover your knees and shoulders for the fear of sweating to death (let alone the tan lines, but shh, that may sounds dreadfully shallow said aloud).

As you may have guessed I love travel, part of that is exploring churches, temples and places of worship, seeing the history, the ornate designs and observing the calm that accompanies them. However, if you’re visiting in the heat of summer when the temperature is 35 degrees Celsius +, its difficult to dress appropriately without sweltering.

Some churches in Italy will offer shawls to tie around your waist, but you won’t always be so lucky. This leaves me finding myself googling ‘what to pack for …’ Or ‘what to wear’ when going to new countries and new places, often resulting in lists of pretty generic content and no pictures to give a bit of inspo.

I know I’m no style icon, but these tips may give you a few ideas of what you could pull together from your own wardrobe, without looking like a sack, over heating or getting told to leave because you have too much skin on show.

Long flowy skirts, even better if their high waisted as you can get away with wearing a crop top but not showing midriff and keeping cool.
Maxi dress – when the maxi dress came back, I think it was pretty much the holy grail of appropriate dressing without looking boring – pardon the pun.
3/4 length leggings & a loose top – you don’t want anything too tight or you’ll be sweating like a pig – and ain’t no body got time for that in holiday snaps.
Handy things to keep in your bag:

Skirt, cover up, church, clothes, hot, heat, weather
So hot – I was in constant search for shade!

high waisted shorts, holiday clothes

  • light pashmina/shawl/scarf, whatever you like to call it, to cover your shoulders, if the heat is too unbearable to wear anything more than a cami.
  • A loose crop top, or any top – but crop top allows a bit more air flow. Again to cover those pesky shoulders.
  • light weight skirt, I have a linen skirt which I took to Venice, rolled it up in my bag and just slipped it on outside the churches over my shorts, once you’re in, most churches are cooling with their marble floors. Once you’re out again, back in the bag the skirt goes

What to wear in Italy, hot weather, religious clothes

Let me know if you have any ‘go-to’ respectful clothes in the heat, any more additions are gratefully appreciated!


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