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Sanderson’s Alice in Wonderland afternoon tea

Much like Alice we followed the rabbit, this time not down a rabbit hole, but through the streets of Fitzrovia, to the Sanderson hotel.

Afternoon tea, London, Hotel, Best, Sanderson, Alice in Wonderland

If there is a theme that was made for afternoon tea, Alice’s Adventures in wonderland would be it & the Sanderson hotel is the perfect setting to celebrate 150 years since it was published. The Sanderson is a quirky looking place, with huge pillowy lip sofa welcoming you at the entrance and chairs with eyes on their backs, following you about the room.

Mum and I took our seats and were presented with an old leather bound book within it, the menu. Quickly followed by tea the teas of our choices, mum went for fresh mint & I chose green tea with lemon.

But if you’re into fruity teas you have a mini tray lined with tiny decanters of typically British combinations!

Relatively normal so far, then the piece de resistance appears.

London, Afternoon tea, Alice in Wonderland, Best, Delicious, Reasonable

The three teired cake stand is crammed full of goodies and an extra dish packed with diamond shaped sandwiches – not to sure what the queen of hearts would think of that! Two quiches perched atop. I’m not a big quiche fan, long story involving girl guide camp and a leaders dreadful quiche has left me with a rather horrid taste in my mouth. But, I’m not one to leave food, so I tried it and it was delicious, packed with buttery onions, if you are a true quiche lover it probably won’t be your thing, but it suited me down to the ground.

London Afternoon tea, Sanderson, Alice in Wonderland

Carrying on with the savoury before the mountain of sweet we each had a mustard scone smothered in herb butter – something I’m going to have to recreate at home!

The sweet tiers is where the party really started. I mean look at it!

We were already starting to slow down, so decided it was best to pace ourselves and enjoy the sweet scone at the end.

These carrots are orange and ginger meringues, with a orangey jam gluing them together and aniseeds sprouting out the top to give a subtle warmth – yum!

The clock faced Victoria sponge melts in your mouth, I have no clue how the chef managed such teenyweeny layers slathered in cream and jam, but suffice to say I was impressed!

Chocolate tea cups filled with a matcha green tea and white chocolate mousse & the white chocolate teardrops with hidden mango syrup. Both tempered well, a great crack as you bit in and oozy delicious centres!

Check out these adorable marshmallow toad stalls, & you can order hot chocolate with your afternoon tea! Can you see where I’m going with this? I think it would be a match made in wonderland, thank me later.

After slowly working our way through, chattering away and allowing the food to slip down just a tad for the next bite we finally made it to our sweet scones, with clotted cream and jam – the epitome of the British summer. The jam was a tad runny which was disappointing, but still tasted amazing and freshly made, just be warned for potential spillages.

There’s also the wonderland jellies, which you can help yourself to at any time, I thought this might change my children’s party impressions of jelly – I’m not a fan of jelly – sadly it didn’t, the consistency was a bit too jammy and you could barely taste the pineapple one. As the mad hatter would say it has lost its muchness.

But let’s end on a good bite and this was by far my favourite bit.

It’s the small things in life, right? A apothecary bottle filled to the brim with passion fruit collis, mango parfait and coconut foam topped off with label just like Alice’s!

Here’s a close up with my face to show my love for it & that I didn’t get to enjoy the evening as a borrower!

The only afternoon teas that we have had together, we’ve had to book in the evening, for work commitments, lack of weekends etc. but this had worked out exceptionally well. Afternoon tea is a filling meal, and to be quite honest a good deal as you definitely get at least three courses worth of food and unlimited tea for a much more reasonable price than the hotels offering them would serve you a dinner.

Sanderson hotel,
Berner’s Street,
London W1T 3NG

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