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A Castle, A Waterfall, A View – Scotland

Not too long ago we visited Lanark in Scotland, the land of harsh weather, strong men and even stronger forts.

I’m a castle seeker, it’s an obsession, maybe I’m childish, perhaps I’m obsessed with the history. Whatever it is, I am completely infatuated by the idea of castles, being able to wander through ruins and parade through modern day palaces.
They just make me immeasurably happy.

Check out this castle face!

When Angela & I found ourselves with an hour to spare, we hopped in the car following the turreted signs to the spectacular Craignethan Castle.

This castle ain’t no ordinary castle, it is quite pimped out for it’s 16th Century build. It has one of only two caponiers in Scotland, deep in the belly of the castle a narrow corridor used to store artillery, lined with arrow slit windows to shoot any pesky intruders as they scaled the hill towards the arsenal.

If your like me and an absolute sucker for a good view and having your head in the clouds I suggest you twirl up the spiral staircase and get a panorama from the top of the turrets.

However, down in the moat you can wangle your way down to the nature trail and if it’s warm enough dip your toes in the stream, we were there in April, it was not warm enough.

Otherwise you can sit on the grass or at the tables soak it all up over a picnic.

In terms of getting there, you can either walk about a mile from the cattle grate off the road or drive the dirt track along to the free parking for the castle.

The drive is just as stunning as the castle itself with the gorgeous sweeping views of countryside. Weaving our way back to Lanark you get glimpses of the castle winking at you through the trees and the caponier warning you not to get too close, so we hot footed it back towards Lanark.

If you’re one for those spectacular panoramas, Black hill is a must! It overlooks the Clyde valley and gives views all around for miles. Sitting just outside Lanark, Black hill is the site of a Bronze age burial ground, as well as an Iron age fort – with the view it offers it’s pretty clear to see why it was chosen for both uses.

We had heard tales of Clyde falls and after getting our bearings from up in the hills we descend into the valley, winding through Lanark and down steep narrow roads. Soon through the trees emerged The falls of Clyde nature reserve, drive or walk a little further down the steeps and you’ll find the falls gurgling merrily next to a reformed mill, now a rather snazzy looking accommodation!

Being named Bonnie how could I refuse a picture with Clyde? It would have been quite rude not to, in my opinion!


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