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Benihana, Kings Road

One word. Amazing! Let’s set the scene!
Friday night, one of those ridiculously long weeks. Perfect for a meet up with two friends, I hadn’t seen in far too long!

You descend down a wide spiral and you’re in this ridiculously friendly, welcoming Japanese restaurant, if a little dimly lit. But seriously, everyone you pass will say hello/welcome/some form of greeting as you walk down the staircase.

Benihana specialises in hibachi, which is the American term for the traditional Japanese hot plate featured on each table. If I were on MTV cribs I’d probably say, this is where the magic happens.

Up pops the chef, he twirls his knives through the air with expert precision and prepares each dish making everything from fried rice hearts to fire volcanoes through onion rings – one not to miss!

We got sushi to nibble on, as we patiently watched the tables orders take shape.

All three of us devoured the Avocado sushi rolls (£3) and feeling a bit of a fancy pants I had the Salmon roe nigiri (£6) which tasted like the sea in the best ways possible, salty, sweet and fresh.

Then shared a bowl of hibachi rice (£3.90) & garlic chicken rice (£4.50).

& of course had a drink to hand! I have had a real thing for lychees this summer, so was drawn to the lychee blossom (£9 – the priciest bit of our meal, but then again, London), which was absolutely delicious, sweet and smooth, with a sting in its tail – perfect.

Perfect for a Friday night wind down forget the real world and wonder at the skilled chefs right before your eyes.

I will definitely be back ordering one of their ‘traditional dinners’ and an onion volcano, when I’m a little less strapped for cash.

77 Kings road
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