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Pita pit, Mayfair

Okay, so I told you a teeny tiney fib I’m my last post, you may realise, this is neither about Thailand or kayaking, but that will come on Monday, promise! – I just couldn’t cope with the travel envy I was getting from my past self!

Now back to Pita pit! Walking down Pall Mall, we turned into a Diagon Alley like place in the form of Crown passage, but replace wizardry with food. Sounds pretty great, right?

We popped into Pita pit to see what it’s all about and after watching a few being made, decided a petita would be more than enough for lunch. You can pack it full of salad, your filling of choice – I went for souvlaki chicken and had haloumi with it! Haloumi is never the wrong decision. & if I may say so myself it was a fantastic choice!

The pita was a perfect consistancy, a million miles away from those pita lunchables you could get for school lunch which were half stale and broke as soon as you tried to fill them with anything. These can actually bend, like real bread! Hallelujah! I also missed the best bit… Guac isn’t extra!!!

You make your way along like a conveyor belt as they ask you what salad etc. & which sauces.

Think Subway, with pitas and everything is cooked fresh in front of you on a grill, not microwaved.

What amazed me was when they tucked it all in and your pita came out looking like a little pasty  bursting with deliciousness and quickly grilled to seal it all in.

healthy, pita pit, mayfair, london, good price, bargain, cheap, save money

For £3.50 (plus £1 for that delicious charred haloumi) I think it’s a pretty good deal and the petita will definitely fill you up for a lunch, especially if you pack it full of all the veggies you can! Me, greedy? Never!

Pita pit, mayfair, lunch, london, cheap, bargain, good price

Looking for a snazzy spot near Piccadilly for lunch, which is easy to eat on the go, kind to your pocket and good for you? Pita Pit has got you covered.

Pita pit,
Crown passage, Mayfair,
London SW1Y 6PP

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