7 Tips For Long-haul Flying

You all know by now that I love travelling. Everything from a travel quote to packing two weeks prior to actually leaving get me buzzing for going on a journey!
I actually really enjoy flying, when you get butterflies with take off and the world below becomes a model land as you soar into the clouds.

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However, long haul flights are a different kettle of fish, the recycled air wreaks havoc on your skin, said recycled air will try its best to attack your immune system & a child is bound to get excited/scared/upset for some reason and thus make loud noises – always as your dozing off.

So why put yourself through it? Well for one thing, the destinations are magical and vastly different of your own corner of the world, but also because I have a few tricks to avoid these as best you can!

A clever tip I picked up recently is to bring on your own empty bottle, which the cabin crew will happily fill for you! Saves having to remember to buy once through security!
Make sure you are hydrated, before, during and after the flight – this probably also means don’t go too heavy on the alcohol – oh go on have a glass or two of your tipple, but stop after that… promise?!

Just like the rest of your body, your skin gets dehydrated, so we can give it a bit of a boost and slick on moisturiser. The skin is the first barrier of defence for bacteria and other nasties trying to get you ill, so best keep it on tip top condition!

If you don’t care too much about appearances on the plane you may even be tempted to put on a face mask whilst you’re enjoying a film.


Vitamins & Minerals
Make sure you’ve stocked up on veggies and fruit, maybe even bring your own with you – if it’s good enough for Gwenyth Paltrow, it’s good enough for me – but I haven’t actually done this one yet.
I like to have a barroca or something similar with me to boost my Vitamin C & Zinc – both essential in lots of the good work our immune systems do.

Remember to move, I’m not talking full on yoga/jogging or anything that will take up lots of space, just a simple walk up and down the aisle.
I am terrified of the threat of deep vein thrombosis. I know it’s not very likely and I am low risk, but still, better safe than sorry. Also don’t you find your legs get a bit tight on a long flight? so it’s nice to give them a bit of a stretch every couple of hours.

If you can, get one post-flight! At Singapore airport they have massage chairs for your legs and after an 11 hour journey that is the closest thing to heaven, working out any knots and keeping the blood flowing. On our recent trip to Thailand Patrick and I got a massage at our hotel, the ladies are so petite but twist and turn you in all directions, whilst giggling away as your back clicks. Sounds brutal, feels wonderful!
Otherwise one of those rollers for tight muscles will work wonders!

I always pack some neurofen & immodium for any travels, but make sure it’s in my hand luggage when on a long flight. I never really knew what caused a headache, turns out there are different types, neurofen have a summary page detailing the different typres and it soon explains why you can be prone to them, just when it’s the last thing you need! Ain’t nobody wants to be ill on the confines of a plane, with no way of remedying it!

There are two trains of thought here. You dress smart a la Gwenyth Paltrow to try and score yourself an upgrade, or get in your comfiest clothes possible. I like to kind of mix the two, by dressing nicely, comfortably, but also packing a spare outfit in my hand luggage.

No matter what journey, you probably want to pack one outfit, underwear, pyjamas & swimwear if needed, in your hand luggage. Once in a blue moon your luggage will get lost, so be prepared and it won’t ruin your holiday.
If you’re one of those who only travels hand luggage, I salute you!

Are you off on holiday soon? I’d love to know all about it and dream myself off in a haze of wanderlust!


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