The Perfect Grilled Cheese!

I think by now you may well know I like, nej love cheese. So when FIX contacted me with their guide to grilled cheese, I was all ears – & mouth, so expect a lot of jaw dropping, dribbling and a grumbly tum inducing post coming your way.

They’ve created the formula to create the perfect grilled cheese, or as us Brits call it a cheese toasty, with one helluva lot of variations to try out.

Seeing as it isn’t exactly bbq weather & to be completely honest I didn’t fancy pulling out the bbq to do all this in the cold & wet, I decided that the grill setting on the oven would suffice.

Taking my time in picking my three sandwiches of choice, I finally made the decision of:

Cheddar + Bacon + Sourdough,
basically Welsh rarebit, deliciously salty, cheesy and the perfect crunchy crisp toasted sourdough.

Next I took to making their Cheddar + avo & scrambled eggs + sourdough. Well yes I’m conforming to another blogger cliche of avocado. But hey, I like it so ima eat all I can ’til I run out of funds!

Last but certainly not least the Brie + Fig jam + French bread. It was the fig jam that won it for me, I mean seriously, FIG JAM! That is heaven enough, then mix it with a crisp toast cover and brie pouring out like hot cheesy lava, you’ve basically got paradise on a plate!
Brie is quite a delectable bed fellow to many sweet jams. I love it melted and accompanied by strawberry jam either scooped up a top melba toast or crammed into a ciabatta!


Have a read of their other ideas & if you’re feeling a bit more get up & go, get to it with the grill/bbq – let me know what you try!


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