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Picnic at the Tower

Nestled beside Tower bridge sits Guomans Tower Hotel, with glimpses of all the tell-tale buildings of London on either side if the river.

If you haven’t guessed already, I’ve got this thing for anywhere by the water, so when I arrived at ‘The lawn’ I was absolutely besotted at first sight. Beautiful views, right next to the river and a bar, what more could you want?! Even the sun took hit hat off and our asked through the clouds for a while and the rain decided to let us off this time!

On arrival there were Mojitos and Pimms available and the friendly faces behind Joe blogs to welcome us and give us the run down if the evening.

As I didn’t know a soul going I arranged on Twitter to meet a few other lone wolves in Anne-Sophie and Fei, both really lovely girls with really, really beautiful blogs – they had me scrolling and clicking for hours.
This was my first event with my snazzy camera (sorry, that’s what I call my DSLR), so I was rather happy I could walk about with these two all getting a bit snappy happy and not feel self conscious about it.

I mean isn’t this just the perfect spot for summer time drinks?! I dare you to find someone who doesn’t like lanterns, fairy lights and deck chairs – it’s like a slice of holiday evenings all within zone 1.

We sat back down to enjoy our picnics from the Towel hotels a delectable selection, based on their afternoon teas – which a later found out is a barginous ยฃ19.95, not bad in the big smoke with a view like they’ve got.

The highlights for me were definitely the sweet treats. I did enjoy the sandwiches but as there were a few of us the bread was just starting to go dry by the time it reached us, in saying this anything with cream cheese filling in was actually delicious, slightly herby, perfectly seasoned and I’d highly recommend them!

Now back to the sweet treats, lemon meringue tart was my first port of call, the lemon sliced through the sweetness, so it didn’t taste sickly and the meringue was as fluffy as a beautifully whipped cloud.

The fruity cakes were very good too, but I’d already been won over by the mini lemon meringue pie – It truly lived up to being ‘queen of puddings’ Guoman hotels must think so too, even going to the effort of making the pastry a crown shape!

I have to admit I am partial to a chocolate eclaire and this was no exception, well made choux pastry filled with cream and topped with chocolate. I thought this may have gone soggy if it had been left, but it kept well intact, airy and an ideal slightly chewy textured choux.

No afternoon tea box is complete without a scone – try to bite to the centre to get the best jam to cream ratio!

We continued to chat the night away and were kindly gifted a bag with macarons and mini shower set from Guoman hotels, as we left.

After feeling quite full I may or may not – read cunningly planned to – have had these for breakfast. Lemon was a winner for me of course; the strawberry macaron, always a classic; with low hopes for the chocolate I was pleasantly surprised the deliciously gooey center and crisp shell made it reminiscent of the perfect brownie, with a proper cacoa taste to it!

Joe Blogs arranged this beautiful event with Guoman Tower hotel for us to enjoy this new London hang out. If you haven’t been you definitely should go, if the food & views are anything to go by, their afternoon tea should be pretty special too! Plus walking along the river to it is a bit of a dream – I should know I walked over 5km along it to get there & I’d do it all over again for this slice of London.

*This was a blogger event, although the food & drinks were gifted all opinions are as always my own!


3 thoughts on “Picnic at the Tower

  1. What! I didn’t know that this was there… although as I read this my mind kept popping back to this scene in Mission Impossible where they were having dinner round that area IT COULD HAVE BEEN THE SAME PLACE IDK?! The Lawn looks super duper cute though ๐Ÿ™‚ also since you’re an eclairs fan, have you tried Maitre Choux (I still haven’t been grr) which apparently has the most mouth-watering display ever?!

    Cherie /

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