Top tips from a non-runner trying to run

When I started running I sought advice from two of my best friends both crazy into their fitness and fantastic runners. I know they would have been in my shoes once, when they started off, but they have both always been really fit and sporty, whereas I have not been so much. They run at 6am and I could not think of anything worse.

Even though I still dread an early morning run, I have grown to love running and hear is how I went from not running at all to incorporating 2-3 runs a week and even doing a race or two!

Running apps
These are great to measure your own progress. I use the Nike running app which you can input how you feel about the run to be able to monitor how it’s going and when you feel your best! Great to give that little extra push as they let you know when you’ve done mile stones such as your farthest run, fastest distance and levels to achieve.

Don’t take water
Okay, that sounds a tad harsh and probably controversial, but personally, I find taking anything with me apart from my phone to monitor my run will make me justify stopping when I don’t actually need it. I drink water before and after my run & yes I’ve even done this for runs upto 12km. As I’ve said this is a personal preference, so on longer runs you may want to take some water along with you.

When I started running, a lot of people recommended trying to incorporate walking into your run. So if you’d never run 5km you’d run 1km, walk 500m, run 1km… etc. until you reach 5km. As I say loads of people recommend this way, but for me if I walk my head decides that we should just keep walking. Yep, my head wants me to a lazy-bobs!
I just have to push through it and make slight adjustments when trying to increase my distance.

Comfy workout gear
Comfy shoes is a given and make sure you know how you run and have the proper support for your feet. If you’re not sure how you place your feet proper running shops, such as runners world or the nike shop will assess your run for you and suggest the best trainers for your feet.
Socks are often underestimated in the difference they can make. No I don’t mean go fork out ridiculous amounts, but buy sports socks. Primark, Lidl and lots of high street brands stock sport socks for very reasonable prices, so no excuses for blisters!

Keeping on the attire theme, buy some jazzy workout clothes, to keep you motivated to go out and exercise. Don’t worry if you’re on a budget, again most high street stores are doing their own workout ranges, which are very decent in quality and price.
I got the above leggings from H&M for £14.99, and they are by far the best I own. They keep me cool in temperature and looks – oh my, I am so sorry for such a dreadful dad joke.

To stretch or not to stretch?
This one is heavily debated. Studies say if you don’t stretch before running, you shouldn’t need to after. However, on further distances I can certainly feel it the morning after, so recently I have most certainly become pro-stretching!
If you are seriously considering running though a roller is amazing – that reminds me I need to order one of them! – or a little hedgehog ball, no they aren’t called that but it’s a little spiky ball, looks like a dog toy and is amazing at working out knots in your legs & your whole body. WARNING these are amazing, but they may read will give you that satisfying pain and relieve your achey muscles, if you are a wuss with a massage this will hurt – soz!

Location, location, location

Beautiful run around #HydePark #London #100happydays

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On those first few runs I think this is especially important to pick somewhere pretty or with good people watching. I know this sounds ridiculous, I hate people seeing me turn tomato red on a run, however I do love people watching and that would quickly distract me from checking how long ’til I could stop running.

To get you pushing through those moments when you question whether you want to carry on music can really give you that extra kick! So pick a radio station or download a few of your fave tunes to keep you motivated during your runs.

Remember, push through the ‘I can’t‘ mentality, unless you are in actual pain you can push through it. Yes, your muscles might get sore up that hill, but you’ll be able to get through that and you’ll feel better for it after – promise!


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