10 classic Lady Violet one-liner life lessons

Downton is back & I am super-dooper mega excited about, yes it may well be sad. But you know what?!

I don’t give a flying monkeys!

Maggie Smith – or if I’m to keep to characters the Contess Violet Crawley – is the absolute be all & end all in my eyes. I mean Mary has that strong independent thing down; I absolutely love Anna and her unwavering loyalty; & Carson is a great ol’ fashioned well-to-do character, but none of them quite equate to Dowager Contess now do they?

My mother & I greatly anticipate each series with excitement for new one-liners to use in everyday life.

Here are a few of the faves thus far…

  1. Telephones have long been the bane of peoples lives:
Masterpiece via

2. Never lose hope, it’s rather middle-class in the Dowagers eyes (apparently that’s a bad thing):

Masterpiece via

3.  In the words of both Lady Violet & Britney, it’s a womans porogative:

Masterpiece via

4.  Always make sure your communicate clearly:

Masterpiece via

5. Boorish language is never acceptable:

Masterpiece via

6. Food is always a good idea:

Masterpiece via

7. One cannot dwell on life for too long:

Masterpiece via

8. You don’t need to understand life all the time:

Masterpiece via

9. One should have a unwavering self-worth:

Masterpiece via

10. & Finally my favourite & the one that elevated her to Queen of sass status:

Masterpiece via

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